Lynchburg District Traffic Alert: Oct. 22-26

road work transportationHighway work in the Lynchburg District requiring road/lane/structure closures is scheduled, weather permitting. Items in italics contain new/updated information. For up-to-date information, call 511 or visit

Amherst County:

Route 29 – Crew will maintain or install signage.

Route 29 Bus –Replace median barrier. Lane closures. Est. comp. – April 2019.

Route 60 (Malcolm Lane – 686) – Milling, trenching and paving. Delays likely.

Route 635 (130-835) – Paving operations. Delays likely.

Appomattox County:

Route 460 E, Appomattox Bypass –Lane closure, 11’ lane/concrete barrier; expect delays. Changes in traffic pattern. Signs and message boards in use. Est. comp. Fall 2018.

Route 460 – Shoulder widening, rumble strips, guardrail updates. Lane closures likely.

Route 663 over Bent Creek (611-616) – Road closed for bridge deck replacement/repairs. Detour via 616, 615, and 26.

Route 705 over Rough Creek (632-633) – Road closed 9/24-10/26 for culvert replacement. Detour via Routes 632, 634, 460, and 633.

Buckingham County:

Route 20 (15- James River Bridge) – Widening, rumble strips, guardrail work & paving.

Route 639 (at 633 intersections) – Closed 7/30-10/19 for bridge replacement. Detour: 633 & 639.

Route 633, Andersonville AHQ – Crew will work shoulders.

Andersonville AHQ – Crew will remove debris.

Bridge inspections may result in delays: 10/22: 622 & 671 over Slate River; 10/24: 609 over Appomattox River.

Various – Crews will mow, work surfaces, and respond to customer concerns.

Campbell County:

Route 29/460 – Crew will work on ramp lights.

Route 501 @ Route 633 – Construction of left and right turn lanes.

Route 711 over NS Railroad – Bridge and approach work will take place.

Routes 842, Greenwell Ct & 1532, Jefferson Dr – Closed due to damage from flooding. Alternate routes available.

Charlotte County:

Route 608, Craftons Gate AHQ – Crew will work on safety project.

Various – Crews will remove debris, work surfaces, mow, boom axe and respond to customer concerns.

Cumberland County:

Route 45 – Crew will maintain and repair pavement messages.

Bridge inspection may result in delays: 10/23: 622 over Willis River.

Various – Crew will remove debris, work surfaces/ditches/shoulders, mow, cut brush and respond to customer concerns.

Halifax County:

Route 360 West over Difficult Creek – Repairs underway. Open with reduced travel lanes.

Various–Crews will work storm-damaged locations and respond to customer requests.


Liberty Mtn Dr – Ramp to 460 E closed for roundabout project.

Odd Fellows to US 29 Exp. –Storm water installation, widening and utility work nearing completion. Temporary lane closures may occur. Bridge over railroad closed for demolition.

Nelson County:

Route 56 – Crew will perform maintenance on signs.

Bridge inspection may result in delays: 10/24: 151 over S Fork Rockfish River.

Pittsylvania County:

Route 29 ramps – Crew will paint and retrace markings.

Route 58 over Sandy Creek – Emergency repairs underway. Detour in place using Routes 58, 62, 57 and 119 back to 58.

Route 618 (40-892) – Closed in late October for pipe replacement. Detour via 606, 927 & 40.

Route 666 over Elkhorn Creek (1051-680) – Road closed 7/30-mid-October for bridge replacement. Detour via Routes 680, 686, and 640.

Route 697 over Johns Run Creek (57-698) – Road closed until 11/21 for bridge replacement. Detour via routes 57, 729, and 698.

Route 729 over Birch Creek – Road closed 9/23-11/30 for debris removal and bridge repair. Detour using Routes 360, 660 and 820 back to 729.

Route 745 over stream (863-719) – Road closed 10/15-11/16 for culvert replacement. Detour via 863, 744 and 719.

Route 751 over Reddies Creek (40-752) – Road closed 9/17-10/26 for bridge replacement. Detour via 40 and 626.

Route 760 over Georges Creek (1302-790) – Road closed 10/9-11/2 for bridge superstructure replacement. Detour via 790, 935, 40 and 1302.

Route 795 over Pale Bridge Creek (797-649) – Road closed until further notice due to culvert failure. Detour via 797 to 649 and back to 795.

Route 822 over Green Rock Creek – Road closed 9/23-1/31 for culvert replacement. Detour in place using Routes 703, 823, 57, 1428 back to 822.

Gretna and Rondo AHQ – Crews will mow.

Mt. Airy AHQ – Crew will repair shoulders.

Various –Crews will work storm-damaged locations/surfaces, debris removal and respond to customers.

Prince Edward County:

Route 460 ramps– Crew will paint and retrace markings.

Route 460 Business near hospital, Town of Farmville – Expect intermittent lane closures during pedestrian trail project. Project completion – May 31, 2019.

Bridge inspection may result in delays: 10/23: 608 over Appomattox River.

Various – Crew will work surfaces, cut brush, mow, clean roadsides and respond to customer concerns.

District-wide activities:

Bridge maintenance – Crews will perform maintenance on bridges/other structures.

Guardrail maintenance – Crews will perform maintenance on guardrails.

Line painting/pavement marking – Crews will address work orders/requests.

Signal maintenance – Crews will do preventive maintenance.


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