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Letter | Wende Marshall

In 2007, more than 1 million Virginians were without any health care coverage and the health-care crisis in Virginia is growing. Families USA estimated that in 2006 more than 10 working-age Virginians died each week due to lack of health insurance. 

Look around at your family, friends and co-workers and ask yourself who will be sacrificed while the U.S. Senate drags its feet. Now is the time to act.

A public health-care plan, like the one used by our members of Congress, needs to be part of health care reform. Our Virginia members of Congress know what a good health care plan looks like because our tax dollars provide them and their families with the best. It is time we all have access to the quality, affordable health care our members of Congress enjoy. We need this now — the lives of 10 Virginians a week depend on it.


Wende Marshall is an assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology and Public Health Sciences at the University of Virginia.