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Landing page: What is it. and how it helps to increase the conversion rate to grow business

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The landing page plays a vital role in the digital marketing era. But what page is this and what is so special in it?

Basically, it is web-page specially curated to gather information from the person who visits the website. It allows interacting with the web page viewer either with some sort of promotional offers, a deal, free trails or coupon once the required information is filled in by the viewer. It acts as a lead generation tool.

The companies see the biggest challenge in the landing page is its optimization and use it as bull’s eye arrow – directly on the target. Whether you have just put a step forward for launching landing pages or have years of experience in designing it, you can use landing page templates available at Landingi. They provide hundreds of customized options to suit your exclusive business. You can even try them for free on a trial basis, to begin with in case you are not accustomed to high-end optimization.

Nothing happens overnight and neither does landing page optimization. Below are a few guidelines that will help to increase the conversion rate from leads to sales.

Understanding the campaign goals

Your campaign goals should reflect on the landing page too. If you keep multiple solutions, it will create misperception and would compel the viewer to leave the page. Your landing page should focus on the target audience and compel them to take necessary action.

Clear offer

The conversion rate can increase only if your page brings positive vibrations and has a clear offer. The offer should give a special feeling to the viewer, make them excited and give appreciation.


Keeping things simple and clutter-free may be counterintuitive, but it provides focus on the benefits you offer. The headlines should be short and bold to grab visitor’s attention.

Using the right images

Simplication does not mean to go away with images. The selection of the images should reflect the offers you are proposing to the viewer. It should have a complementary effect rather than being a forsake image.

Text flow

Instead of having scrambled text here and there, the flow of the offer should be convincing and genuine – highlighting the main points of the offer.

Highlights – above the fold

The important information should be highlighted as in newspapers wherein the hot news is always kept above the fold so that it tempts people to buy the newspaper.

Scarcity techniques

The digital marketing mostly uses the scarcity techniques termed as limited offer and limited quantities available for dispersal. This compels the visitors to take speedy action without waiting or having a re-think. You can even add a countdown timer to create more excitement for the offer.


The call-to-action button should be straightforward in simple phrases without adding complication or giving stress on the words such as Join Now, Try for Free.

Contact information

The contact information should be provided in the best way you can. If not in details, phone number and email should be included by default. For other information, you can include links to help centers.


The visual consistency can make a huge difference in keeping the visitors glued to it. The pop-ups should have the same elements that of the landing page.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is quite important. It helps you to examine the layouts and content keeping in the view of the target audience. The testing should be done with a single variant or else the difference won’t be detected.

Thus, besides giving importance to the creativity of the landing pages, the content, SEO optimization, uploading time should be considered to make the audience feel they have landed at the right place.

Andrew Dominik is the founder of Quality Guest Post , the leading content marketing sites. He has a considerable experience in internet marketing and business development. His areas of expertise are the development of marketing goals and strengthen the online brand reputation. He loves to write about social media, entrepreneurship, business growth, and startups.

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