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Joe Biden on Trump Administration ending medical deferred action

Joe BidenDemocratic Party presidential nomination candidate Joe Biden comments on the Trump administration ending medical deferred action.

“We are running out of words to condemn the inhumanity of this administration. An administration that pulls children from the arms of their parents and stalks families in their neighborhoods will now deport children who are in life-saving treatment for dire conditions like cancer. There is no possible national security justification for further traumatizing sick kids at their most vulnerable. In fact, like all bullies, Trump is purposefully targeting the little guys—but I would have thought even he would understand that kids with cancer and cystic fibrosis were off-limits. As so many others have said, cruelty is their point. It is their only point, and it’s all they have to run on: fear, anger, division, and cruelty. We must restore the soul of our nation.”

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