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Is a heat recovery and ventilation system right for your home?

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In around 90 percent of homes, installing a heat recovery system will have a lot of advantages. Heat recovery systems are designed to supply fresh air to your home while recovering the heat that would usually be lost, which leads to a healthier and more pleasant living environment, along with making savings on your heating bills. If you are in the process of building a new home or want to upgrade your current property, it’s hard to deny that a heat recovery system could lead to huge savings on your energy bills compared to regular window ventilation and fans. However, the main reason why these systems are becoming more and more popular is that it can seriously improve the air quality inside the home, which in turn can have a drastic effect on the household’s health and wellbeing. So, what are some reasons to consider when deciding if a heat recovery and ventilation system is the right choice for your home?

Impact on energy bills

Everybody likes to find new ways to save money on their monthly energy costs, and having a heat recovery system installed at home could just be one of the best ways to drive your monthly expenses down. Ventilation Ireland can install heat recovery systems that will recover up to 90 percent of heat in the home that would normally be wasted, while reducing the heating requirements of your property by up to a huge 25 percent. As a result, the savings that you will make on your energy bills could end up paying for the system within just five years.

Extra insulation in older properties

If you have an older property, you may be set to experience the most benefit from a heat recovery system since older buildings tend to be less airtight compared to new build homes and therefore will often waste more heat on a regular basis. An MVHR unit can not only recover heat in your home and reduce your energy bills, but can also make it easier to deal with an older property that might be more prone to issues like dampness and mould, which can often be a side effect of heavily insulated older properties, due to the drop in indoor air quality that it can cause.

Better indoor air quality

Breathing better quality air in your home could be a main reason to have a heat recovery and ventilation system installed. While the demand for buildings to be insulated well has grown a lot over the past ten years, one of the main downsides to houses that are well-insulated without the proper ventilation systems in place is that this can seriously damage the air quality in the home, leading to more damp, condensation, dust and even mold in the property, which can have an impact on your health. If you want to reduce the risk of these issues at home and lead a healthier life, a heat recovery system could be right for you.

If you want better air quality at home, to improve the quality of the insulation in your older home, or you simply want to pay less for your monthly heating expenses, a heat recovery and ventilation system could be right for you.

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