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How Virginia ranks when it comes to unconventional Airbnbs

Airbnbs have risen to the top of the vacation industry. Travelers often opt for these accommodations over the traditional hotel room. These rentals are trendy and offer a unique experience like no other. They are sure to provide the changeup you need to your vacation routine.

Unlike traditional hotel rooms, Airbnbs can come in many forms. From tiny homes to luxurious houseboats, there’s no shortage of unique options on Airbnb. It may require a little bit of sleuthing and flexibility on dates to book the perfect travel accommodations, but they are available to vacationers willing to hunt them down.

Photo Credit: FrankRamspott

In fact, Virginia is home to some of the most unique vacation rentals, according to a new Airbnb analysis by high-end furniture company Joybird. Chesapeake, Virginia ranks second in the country for the highest percentage of Airbnb rentals that are “unconventional” – nearly 45%.

Whether you want to stay in a barn or a tent, there are several options for Virginia locals to explore. This opens the opportunity for natives to go on a vacation with minimal transportation expenses. The perfect escape could be nestled closer than you think.

Norfolk, Virginia also appears among this list of the top 50 US cities, though it has significantly less options with only 11% unique homes. There are plenty of campers and boats for tourists staying in the waterfront Virginian city.

These unique Airbnb options add to Virginia’s already buzzing tourism scene. These unique experiences often sought out by travelers are sure to add to the approximately 19 million tourists that visit Virginia annually.

However, if tourists are extremely set on traveling for the sole purpose of staying in a unique Airbnb, they may select a destination on the West Coast. Chula Vista, California is the only city to outperform Chesapeake in prevalence of unconventional Airbnb rentals – though they blow Virginia out of the water with 75% of listings classified as unconventional.

California is also home to the cities with the most tiny home, treehouse, or yurt rentals, if any of those interest a traveler. If a tourist would rather channel their inner royalty, they may head to Buffalo, New York, which is home to 16 different castles. For a blast from the past, primal vacationers can stay in one of three caves in Atlanta, Georgia.

It goes without saying that if adventure is what a tourist wants out of a vacation, adventure is what they can get. These stays don’t have to break the bank either. In comparison to the average hotel room, Airbnb’s are about the same price, if not slightly cheaper. This is of course incredibly subjective to type, size, and location of the Airbnb rental.

These unique homes are sure to book up fast, so be sure to book them far in advance if you’re hoping for a getaway out of the norms. If you’re looking for a vacation photo opp that will make all of your Instagram followers jealous, break out of your comfort zone and explore airbnb’s endless offerings!