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How to provide great sound on your PC?

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Today, a personal computer or laptop is often used as a music source. But an increasing number of people agree that, in order to get a truly impressive sound, it is not enough just to connect standard computer acoustics to a PC.

Any reader of this article can always download several MP3s and listen to them simply by connecting a pair of multimedia speakers to a computer. Just go to Helptochoose and choose the best bookshelf speakers under 2000.

Teach computer sound

Some music lovers use a computer to listen to music for the sake of economy, others find this option incredibly convenient and at the same time multifunctional. But those and other users want to get high-quality sound from their PC. How can this be done?

It makes sense to start with the purchase of a decent sound card – built-in or external, a pair of speakers and headphones – for maximum versatility. In some cases, it will not hurt to “conjure” over the reduction of the noise level of the computer system unit, the acoustic properties of the furniture and the whole room!

If you are at a loss and do not know where to start in principle, this article can be a reliable guide for you. And once again we call: listen to the speakers and headphones before buying! After all, the choice of these tools is akin to the choice of shoes: neither the high price nor the status of the brand is a guarantee of the convenience of the purchased pair of shoes just for you.

We proceeded from the fact that at the disposal of the average music lover there is a typical room (12-25 square meters), a standard desktop and a stationary computer system unit based on Windows. This may be the Apple Mac if its design allows the installation of an internal sound card.

Few important nuances

First, the smaller the room space and the smaller the sound-absorbing and scattering surfaces in it, such as upholstered furniture, carpets, curtains and open shelves with books, the more you have to invest in the acoustic decoration of the room. Indeed, in the echoing room, even a million system will sound lousy. Of course, we are talking about the use of columns. Lovers of private listening are much simpler: just buy a sound card, the recommended headphone model – and the trick is done.

Secondly, good sound is not only sensible equipment and suitable premises (for listening in speakers) but also high-quality recordings. Files with lossy compression (MP3, WMA) are sent to the basket. The minimum acceptable level is an uncompressed PCM stream (WAV format) or a losslessly compressed stream, for example, using the FLAC codec with audio CD quality, that is, 16 bits / 44.1 kHz. Have access to HD recordings? Fine! After all, a track in 24-bit PCM format or DSD sounds much richer and more alive than a file copy of a CD.

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