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How to make sure your bedroom suite will fit

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One of the biggest reasons that people don’t like to buy furniture online is that they can’t see it in person. When you buy a bedroom set from a local furniture dealer, you’re able to see it first hand in their on-site showroom. Then, when the furniture is delivered with white-glove service, you can make adjustments or exchanges if the furniture doesn’t fit the way you thought it would.

But buying your bedroom set online can save you a fortune, not just with sale prices but with free delivery as well. And, there are some ways to make sure that you get the right bedroom set for your room. Even if you bought your furniture from a brick and mortar furniture store, making sure your chosen bedroom furniture will fit saves you time and frustration later.

Whether you are trying to fit your existing bedroom furniture into a new room or furnishing one for the first time, follow these steps to make sure your furniture fits in the arrangement you designed.

Make note of the dimensions of each piece of bedroom furniture

While the height of your bedroom furniture will rarely come into consideration, there are some specific dimensions you should make note of for use in determining how you can arrange the new furniture.

  • Important dimensions for beds: overall length and width of the complete bed, including headboard, footboard, etc. If you are looking at a canopy or poster bed you will also need to double-check the height.
  • Important dimensions for nightstands, dressers, and media chests: measurements of the longest and widest parts of the furniture. Make note of height as well if there is a mounted mirror extending the chest’s profile.
  • Important dimensions for bedroom benches and accent chairs: the longest and widest points, as well as seat depth.

Make a pattern to test how the bedroom set will actually fit into the room

Once you have the measurements above, it is really easy to see how the furniture will actually look in your bedroom. Gather throw-away papers, junk mail, cardboard of all kinds, and other scraps to tape together and cut where necessary, creating a manipulative representation of the furniture so that you can try out different arrangements.

The biggest reason this is necessary is walk space. You need to make sure that you can move around the furniture easily and safely once it has been placed. You need to be able to easily get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. You need to be able to easily raise and move around the bed.

Depending on the furniture you want to include in your bedroom suite, the room can quickly become more cramped than you anticipated. If you or your sleeping partner requires mobility devices, you should make sure there is at least 36” of floor space between furnishings and walls.

Trying out different furniture arrangements with patterns before purchasing will ease your mind that the furniture you buy will work with your bedroom.

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