How to choose hiking hats for women?

hikingHiking is, undoubtedly, one of the most adventurous and exhilarating hobbies you can take up. Whether you like to wander through green fields or get a kick out of mountain peaks, it’s great for the health of body and mind. Plus, you don’t need anything special to get started. Dig out some got suitable clothes. Pick up a few safety essentials. Then, you’re ready to go.

Some items cover both of these needs. You should carry a hiking hat, for example, no matter the weather. It’s particularly important on high trails, as the sun can feel intense even in overcast conditions. The quickest way to find a cool hat online is to search for women hiking hat, hiking hats for women, or ladies hiking hats.

This article offers some advice on what to look for, which features to prioritise and how to recognise a quality product.

Pick for the Season

If you hike all year round, it’s a good idea to buy two hats – one for cold weather and one for intensely sunny conditions. Your needs are going to change with the seasons, so it’s important to have options. In the summer, for instance, UV protection is the priority.

Your hiking hat should have a wide brim and prevent sunburn on the ears, neck and forehead. This is less of a need in winter, but you may still need a hat for warmth. Look for one with an insulated interior covered with wool or fluffy faux fur.

Choose the Right Material

Hiking hats for women come in many styles. Often, choice of material is linked to a cold or warm weather design, so keep this in mind when shopping. It’s common, for example, to find summer hats in thin, breathable cotton. They provide protection but keep the wearer cool.

Natural fabrics like cotton are recommended, but they can be pricier than synthetic materials. If you’re on a budget, consider nylon or another synthetic fabric. However, make sure it is thin enough for hot weather. Some nylon hats come with little holes for added comfort and breathability. These holes also come in handy for draining water when it’s rainy.

Measure Your Head

It may seem a bit fussy to measure your head for a hat, but any product you spend money on should be a perfect fit. Choose a hat that matches your head size, with a little extra space for comfort. The last thing you want is for it to be annoyingly loose or overly tight while out walking.

For mountain climbers and other high elevation hikers, a well-fitting hat is a safety tool. Depending on the difficulty of the climb, you may need to keep your hands free. Grasping for a loose hat could be a recipe for disaster in a dangerous environment.

Always Look for Quality

These days, ladies hiking hats span from as little as five dollars to as much as a hundred. It is entirely possible to find a high-quality product for a bargain price. You may need to do some rigorous online searching to uncover the best deals though.

Try researching popular brands. There are lots of customer reviews online and they should tell you which companies and providers are highly trusted. If you hike occasionally, it may be worth saving some cash and opting for a mid-range product. If you hike often, however, think about spending a little more on a hat that is going to last.

Why a Good Hiking Hat Is Essential

The most obvious benefit of a hiking hat is sun protection. Yet, don’t forget they also safeguard against cold conditions, bugs, pollen, rain, wind and lots more. For some people, they are an aesthetic preference. Just as having cool hiking boots can spur a person to get outside more often, buying a cool hat is another way to fully embrace the hobby.

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