Healthcare businesses run into hardships due to lawsuits

Over the past few years, a handful of businesses have been forced to shut their doors for one reason or another. The healthcare industry has always been plagued by frivolous lawsuits. It should come as no surprise to learn that numerous rehab centers, hospitals and adult care centers have been on the wrong side of lawsuits numerous times. During the past few months, several have been forced to close their doors, due to an expensive settlement. Health care businesses have tons of responsibilities and things can easily go wrong for these companies. Below, consumers will learn more about the problems associated with healthcare businesses and recent lawsuits.


Florida’s Nursing Home

Just recently, a nursing home in Florida found itself on the receiving end of legal problems. The incident stems from Hurricane Irma. During the incident, several residents at the nursing home were found dead. Now, those deaths have been ruled a homicide. With that being said, there is a pretty good chance that the nursing home staff will face criminal charges. The owner and operator of the nursing home will most likely face a major lawsuit. Twelve residents were found dead at The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills. The center and its staff will need access to reliable nursing home abuse attorneys to ensure that they’re able to overcome these unique problems.


Plano Bankruptcy

In Plano, Texas, a nursing home operator has been forced to file for bankruptcy after a major lawsuit. The company, Preferred Care Group, has been forced to file for bankruptcy. In return, the company will be shutting down 33 nursing homes. The company is based out of Plano, Texas and it was considered to be one of the country’s largest American nursing home chains. The company will be forced to file for Chapter 11 after being hit with personal injury lawsuits in New Mexico and Kentucky. In total, the company faced 163 multi-million-dollar lawsuits. In one lawsuit, the company was ordered to pay a $28 million judgment to a man, who was injured in a Preferred Care facility.

This is just another reason that healthcare businesses need to be protected by high-quality lawyers.


Granada Hills

Finally, another terrible incident has led to a lawsuit against a Granada Hills group home. A lawsuit suggests that staff at a Granada Hills group home made a few missteps that ultimately led to the slaying of a female resident earlier this year. 61-year-old Dawn Marie Ritz was attacked and killed by another resident, who managed to obtain a kitchen knife. Now, Ritz’s family has filed a massive lawsuit against the owner and operator of the Aacres adult residential facility. The facility, which is located on Bircher Street, is overseen by Embassy Management LLC.

The family alleges that the owners of the facility could have taken steps to prevent the murder. Now, there is a possibility that the company will lose the lawsuit and be forced to close its doors sooner rather than later. Only time will tell what comes of the lawsuit. Nevertheless, the company will need good lawyers to plead their case in the courtroom.


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