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Guide to best personal lube: Water-based, silicone & oil-based lubricants

There may be several reasons which may prevent a woman from being able to properly & sufficiently get ready for some one-on-one time. During such times issues can arise or even a painful experience might ensue. The best solution during such times is to use a personal lubrication product. Most of you probably have used lubes in the past. Some of you may also have been disappointed with the experience. However, there is no doubt about the fact that lubes from this site are essential if you wish to spice up your private times with your partner.

What Do You Understand by Lube?

Basically, a lubricant is a substance that assists in the reduction of friction. Some of the most common uses of lubricants are on machines and bicycle chains. This helps to reduce the amount of friction caused by all the moving parts. Although the ingredients of a personal lube differs from that used in machines, the basic idea is the same. These lubes are used to reduce the amount of friction caused during “fun time.” As a result of this, the experience of these different kinds of fun become more enjoyable.

Different Types of Personal Lube

If you search for a suitable personal lube in the market, you will notice that these are available in different varieties. The primary difference in the base of a personal lube. Here are the different types of lube bases described for your benefit.

  1. Water Based Lube: This happens to be the most commonly used type of personal lube in the market. Since these are water based, it is very simple to clean it up after use from your body and also from the sheets. Due to a water base, it also happens to be very soothing and gentle to your skin.
  2. Silicone Based Lube: For those of you who did not know, silicone is basically a material that is made from alternate chains of silicone, which is a natural element, along with oxygen atoms. Although it is available in various forms such as oil, rubber, and resin, the liquid form of silicone is highly effective when used as a base for personal lube. It gives a highly silky feel and makes the skin extremely smooth and soft. If you have sensitive skin, then using a silicone based personal lube will be a good idea. These last for a long time and the need to reapply is minimal.
  3. Oil Based Lube: This type of personal lube also lasts for a long time and gives a silky feel to the skin. However, if you wish to use such a lube, it is good to know that oil-based lubes do not work well with anything made of latex. They can easily make the latex rip apart.
  4. Hybrid Lube: As the name suggests, this is a mixture of all the good factors of a water based and silicone based personal lube. It gives you a natural feel of water and also lasts long.

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