How to get taken seriously as a startup company owner in NYC

new york cityThere’s Silicon Valley, London, Miami, and countless other cities in the world where fortunes are made – and lost – overnight. Considered to be the most famous city in the world, New York City is a place where immigrants have come from humble beginnings, laid down roots, and become household names as a result of their tenacity. Those who find success there are also afforded the finer things in life, from social status to respect in the business world.

Startup companies find it particularly challenging to become well-known in NYC because there are thousands of people in the same line of business trying to compete for a few limited spots. Whether you work in technology, art, law, or some unrelated field, you need to have certain things established if you are expecting to land meetings and gain contracts with major players in the local and foreign business worlds. First and foremost, you should be partnering with a New York private jet charter company so that you can go wherever you are summoned in the world, without any type of delay. Business professionals in NYC believe that time is money, so you have to be ready to keep moving and prove yourself again and again.

Want to be taken seriously? Be prepared to put every aspect of yourself to the test.

Getting on the Who’s Who List in NYC

New York City is expensive. You can live with roommates and still pay $2,000 a month in rent or shell out $5,000 each month to live in an apartment that’s less than 1,000 square feet. The more affluent professionals in New York don’t ask or even care about prices because they know that they can afford it. At the same time, companies that come from humble beginnings are not looked down upon. If you show that you are the hardest working person in your business, there will be someone that gives you a shot. Unfortunately, getting to the same places that other successful business owners frequent in New York City is harder than getting on the guest list.

These are people who fly out to Switzerland for birthday parties and then wiz over to South Africa to go on safaris. If you can afford New York private jet rental, you will find opportunity after opportunity to connect with these very affable professionals.

Learning the Circles Top Businesses Move In

Broadway actors tend to live in the same neighborhoods, go to the same bars, and might even have the same doctors as most of their peers. Well-known families that live in Manhattan are known to stay out in Martha’s Vineyard during the summer, where they can be surrounded by the sea. In NYC, there are various cliques and groups that are assembled by industry. Artists are heavily concentrated in Chelsea and business financiers almost exclusively live and socialize on the Upper East Side.

Being able to talk about your New York private jet membership will give you something to talk about while rubbing elbows and also help you to convince people you know on a casual basis to become your allies. New York natives are not only willing to give startup business owners a helping hand, they are also attracted to barter deals. Learn which circles you should be traveling in by bringing something attractive to the table.

Being Where the Action Is

If your business is going to make it in New York, you have to start acting like you are a native as soon as possible. While a lot of things there are expensive, there are also some very down to earth activities that you should participate in that will help you to assimilate and fit in. For instance, you need to take the subway as often as possible. When you’re going from meeting to meeting in Manhattan, you will find that taking the subway is faster than walking or even trying to hail a cab.

Now, for travel outside of the city, there is New York private jet charter. This travel option helps business owners to avoid going through Newark International Airport, LaGuardia, and JFK, which are three of the most heavily traveled airports in the world. Being affiliated with a private jet company will keep you in the know and get you to where the action is as soon as possible.

Why It Is Crucial To Be Noticed

For a startup to become big in New York, it needs investors – angel investors, silent investors, and partners alike. Coincidentally, you need all of your events to be big enough to be noticed by the people who matter the most in your industry. You can do that by trying out a couple of effective approaches.

One is becoming very social. In short, you should be attending events that are frequented by influencers. Networking is essential for success. If you are in the film business, a New York jet charter can be used to get out to Los Angeles on the weekends, during award ceremonies, and other high profile events. The more events that you go to, the more that you will be seen, noticed and talked about in a positive way.

Positive attention is huge if you are hoping to get more financial backing for your startup company. Moreover, being in attendance during these events will help to present the image that you are already doing pretty well for yourself. Consider making an investment in New York private jet hire if you are hoping to establish your startup in the Big Apple.

The Final Test

Certain times of year in New York City are extremely hectic. During New York City Fashion Week, everything becomes international. During the holidays, it can feel like a ghost town.  Use New York private jet hire to arrange for travel with ease instead of being stuck at the airport. You will undoubtedly make business connections and a lot of them will not be local. Consider the fact that potential clients and partners from abroad will expect you to be able to come out and see them just as easily as they get out to New York – and not all of them are going to reside in places where commercial flights are available.

Privately chartered planes are generally on the lighter side, so they can land on private airstrips and require smaller crews. Show that you have style and that you are also capable of getting anywhere in the world with a membership that rewards you for chartering private jets.

The business world in NYC moves fast – actually, it operates at lightning speed. It is home to the stock exchange, to some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, and the most well-known commercial airports. It is also home to millions of people who are quietly doing business in a major way. Your startup can become one that is well known within the city limits just by being smart about how you socialize and travel. Make sure you attend parties in Europe, Asia, Africa, and even on remote islands by working with a private jet firm. All you will need is your laptop and an overnight bag to be able to be whisked away to another exciting destination in the hopes of growing your startup business.



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