Five things that people usually do for receiving high profit

Five crazy investments that are worse than Las Vegas

Every second American have thought on gaining a fortune without lifting a finger. Hundreds of financial coaches all over the country assure us they know secret loopholes that can generate us huge profits. Desperate people give away all they have to scammers decreasing their budgets to zero.

Most of us think that casinos are the worst attempt to boost an income. But let us be honest: this business exists for ages and there are millions of success stories. We see people who won huge from casinos around.

Well-known Instagram king Dan Bilzerian was almost broke when he placed his last few hundred dollars at the stake. Back from Vegas he counted millions on his bank account.

Most of gamblers today prefer online playhouses. They save time and money raising our chances to win. There numerous guides and online assistants to help the new comers. Those who doubt about casinos’ reliability can visit site and check if their chosen platform is on the blacklist.

Statistics shows that there are much more dangerous ways to getting rich:


Binary options

Do you know what these are? It is a kind of online trading bots that generate you some fixed income, in case your trade wins. For example, the contract says that any winning option has bid $100. It means that when broker negotiates successful deal – he gets his $100. In case of fail he gets nothing.

They exist only in certain websites that try to attract as many clients as possible. As soon as new brokers get registered, they are kindly asked to load their accounts with cash. Credit card or e-wallets are fine. After that users can place their bets. Of course, they soon lose all they have. Better go to Vegas or gamble online.



No one knows what it is. They have no central bank and you cannot feed slot machines with them. They cost like a rocket. And price explosion is quite impressive. From $400 to $1,500 per one mysterious Bitcoin.


‘Story’ stocks’

Certain companies have impressive and smart ideas. Although they are pressed in budget. Their financial situation is depressive and they ask regular people for help.

Do you want to be an investor of an unknown company with zero reputation? Feel free to buy their earnings. One day you might get rich.



This one is easy. 90% of all startups end up with big fails. Of course, Silicone valley gives us hope that one day we can get some profit, but for today, the game is not worth the candle.


Foreign exchange market games

If you love easy and exciting games – better try Blackjack. It seems clear – load dollars, wait, get more dollars for the same price. Repeat if it worked.

Amateur brokers usually place small sums on bets. Only professionals know how to play with big money. This is why the profit you can get is rather tiny.

To summon it all up, if you dream of risks and money – casinos are right what you need.

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