Find out what truly matters when it comes to skincare

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Our health and wellness is a unique and essential journey.

And when it comes to optimizing our journey, we should ensure that we take all the steps necessary to look after the largest organ in our body — our skin.

When we have healthy skin, we are protected against bacteria and viruses, have a more regulatory body temperature, and are alerted by our skin’s triggers when we are in potential danger from UV ray exposure.

But more so than just this, our skin is also a crucial part of our identity and self-confidence. So we should all be aiming to feel beautiful in our skin, which is why creating a skincare routine that works for you is so important.

Healthy skin equals a healthy and happy self. That is why we are revealing all that truly matters when it comes to skincare.

1. Create custom formulas for your needs

You are more than just a skin type. Your skin is as unique as you are, and that deserves a custom skincare formula from Atolla. While there are many products to choose from in the grocery store aisles, these formulas take a generalized approach to skincare. But when you create one based on your current skin and your skincare goals, you can be guided on a journey that produces the best long-term results.

2. Stay consistent with a monthly subscription

One of the most important parts of skincare is to remain consistent. If you jump around with a bunch of different products, you will not only end up likely wasting a ton of half-used product bottles, but your skin will also not get the chance to flourish from the current routine or have time to show accurate results. When you sign up for a monthly subscription for your curated skincare products, you are signing up for personalized skincare and guidance that simplifies your routine to help you achieve your skincare goals.

3. Get an expert’s opinion on your skin

While you live in your skin, getting an expert’s advice and opinion on the type of skincare your skin needs is often helpful. An expert will be able to give you the most robust advice after you take a skin test that measures your current skin and how effective your skincare routine and products are. From there, you will be given data-driven tips to enhance your skincare routine and get access to virtual calls to further improve your routine. Skincare is always a work in progress, and you should be guided every step of the way.

4. Great skin is a result of a great lifestyle

While the products and skincare routine you follow is essential in your skin’s health, it is not the only factor to focus on. The type of lifestyle you live will also impact your skincare. This means that the amount of water you drink throughout the day, the types of food you eat, the range of stresses you deal with, and the amount of exercise you participate in will all impact your skincare too. For a lavish lifestyle that positively impacts your skincare, you should prioritize drinking lots of water, avoid eating processed foods, give yourself time to destress with yoga or mediation, and get natural vitamin D by going outside.

5. Sustainable skincare matters for you and the planet

Not only does sustainable skincare matter for your skin, but it also has a direct impact on the planet we live on and the ones our children will be left with. By minimizing your skincare routine with quality products formulated specifically for you, you can automatically reduce the amount of plastic and wastage in your bathroom. Over time, this can make a huge difference. Imagine how many fewer wasted product bottles there would be in the world if every single person chose quality skincare products over quantity?

6. Review and adapt your skincare

You as a person are constantly growing, evolving, and transforming. And as this continues to happen, your skin will undergo these same changes as well. So what worked for your skincare when you were 20 years old may not necessarily be what your skin needs when you are 30 years old. Taking the time to review, adapt and reflect upon our skincare will help us promote its long-term health and have the confidence it is getting the skincare products it needs.

When it comes to skincare, what truly matters is that you take a personalized approach that is adaptable to growth and transformation so that you can feel beautiful in your skin every single day.

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