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Do you know the value of freight visibility for your supply chain?

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Each company has the willingness to track the product’s movement once it is dispatched from the warehouse. Outside the warehouse, it is just as important as tracking the movement in the warehouse itself.

Tracking the goods between the origin points and the destination can also be called as the freight shipment visibility. This ability has become an important part of the businesses who move the final products through the particular network with the target to the end consumers.

If your business is within a particular niche or still has relevancy with the supply chain operation, it is crucial to understand how important it is to monitor the freight interchanges in real time.

What is freight visibility?

Freight visibility is the ability to track particular goods from the original place to the destination of the shipment. Information about the goods’ condition and location is streamed in real time so that all of the parties will be able to know the exact status from time to time. The customers, on the other hand, will be able to get the updates and have peace of mind knowing that their goods are in the right condition.

The supply chains have adopted the IoT and other tech stacks to improve the overall process. The high quality of freight visibility has become one of the keys to customer satisfaction.

Both businesses and consumers can reap the considerable benefits from the ability of freight tracking and tracing. The visibility should be achieved once the goods leave the warehouse and distribution places. The tracking can be done in various methods depending on the processes of the business.

Ones can use only one or two, some also combine some of these methods:

  • Pallet number
  • Trailer information
  • Tracking numbers pasted onto packaging
  • Packaging with RFID information
  • Tracing methods in the harbors
  • GPS tech

It is important to comprehend that some methods update in real time but some methods will get the updates when the scan is registered. Not all methods are created equal. But the companies can use the combination of them to achieve the high level of the freight visibility.

How frequent will the updates be?

As the product is moving, the clients would expect that the new information be presented in real time. Although one expects to always monitor the good, it is not an absolute thing.

Agistix, one of the best software companies have offered the best freight visibility solution to their customers. If you are up to receiving the minute updates of the goods, then you could be working with the right company. Agistix is ready to help you to provide the high level of supply chain visibility including the fregiht visibility. the daily updates in the shipmentcan work in many industry niches.

As the keyword here is “freight,” then it is not wrong to have your focus on crossing borders or coast-to-coast shipments.

What makes it so important?

No matter what niche you have been running on, the freight tracking system can help both of your company and your clients. Your client’s requiremenets can’t be met on time if the fregiht management is not supported by the quality freight visibility.

In most occasions, the unknown status or late status of freight is unacceptable. Although some clients might have the understanding due to several inevitable factors, it won’t be forgivable if the things have relevancies with human lives. For instance, the supply chain of Covid-19 vaccines must be aligned with the freight visibility. The unknown status of the deliverance will jeopardize the health system in a particular country.

The planning of the supply chain is an integral part of the supply chain management.

With freight visibility, it will also help you operate your business.

For instance, you will want to dispatch the right number of staff to unload the freight. But you will need information about the arrival of the shipment. If the status is unknown, it will risk your wasting more time and money.

Freight visibility can also improve the supply chain through the excellent customer experience.

Adding the good tech stacks and tools to the shipment tracking allows the company to give the customers access to track the shipment independntly. Not to mention, the traceability should come with user-friendly interface. It will attain the customer satisfaction. The company can also reap the benefit from the improved consumers’ base.

Freight visibility is one of the keys to building a great relationship with your customers and partners in business. When you have true freight visibility, it is a positive value that your competitors might not have. You will be way ahead of the competitors when applying the fresh visibility to all of the orders.

Agility is paramount. Troubleshooting the problem, reducing the risks, and eliminating disruptions can surely gain the loyalty and great feedback of your clients.

Optimizing the freight visibility

As you are in charge of the efficient supply chain, it is crucial to have the control over freight movement. It is important for the operations. One of the most important parts of the freight control is the feature of informing or providing the visibility of the goods movement and transportation within the network in real time.

The system should be able to view the product from the original point to the destination point.

Freight visibility seems like a simple tool. Well, it is true that most users can operate the tracking device or apps with an easy user interface. But implementing it in the organization is something else.

To attain the good quality of freight visibility, you will want to keep the things in-house, but with the oath to optimize it with your in-house team. When it is performed correctly, you will be on the right track.

Implementing driver tracking software is one of the best ideas. The software can be installed in the vehicle that delivers the goods. This tracking software allows the freight to be traced from origin to destination by the specific user. Furthermore, consider contacting Agistix to learn more.

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