Decluttering a home: Storing and clearing away items you don’t need

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If you’re feeling stressed ever than before, there is a high chance that the clutter in your home is contributing to this problem. Studies have found that clutter can contribute to a person’s stress. It’s even been found that mere pictures of clutter can already trigger stress among most folks. However, it can be tough to declutter especially if you don’t know where to start. Here are the elements of decluttering and how you can get started.

What is decluttering? Isn’t it just cleaning?

Decluttering is different from general cleaning. Instead, it is an aspect of cleaning meant to prevent your home from being dirty or disorganized in the future.

Clutter comes in the form of visible trash and unneeded items. Crumpled pieces of paper, old furniture, and unused items such as plastic bottles are different examples of clutter. Once clutter starts piling up, that’s only when it becomes visible. Piled-up clutter can lead to disorganization and, as we have stated earlier, stress. There are various ways you can declutter and eventually your mind. Here are some of those ways.

Think of the here and now

Clutter can also come in the form of items you don’t need right now or in the near future. So first, identify items and pieces of furniture that are not being used or barely used in your household. These can be classified as clutter, and you need to store them when you can.

Store unneeded items and furniture

Items and furniture we don’t use anymore can be a source of clutter and dirt. It can also become a home for pests like mosquitoes and rats if left unchecked. It’s better that you store these items in your attic, basement, or any storage room you might have. Better yet, if you can, sell or donate these items to people who need them.

If you chose the former, you’d need to store these items and furniture properly. Before storing them, ensure that you clean them from any dirt or dust accumulated from years of unuse. Then you must cover them with some good cellophane packaging bags or thick plastic, so they don’t accumulate dirt or dust in the future. This is doubly important for furniture that has foam. For small items that can fit on the palm of your hand, consider placing them all in a storage container. Label them depending on their type so that you can easily access them in the future.

Please give them a personal chest for children’s toys and items to store these things. Make it a fun experience for them to do it every time they use the item or play.

Organize your files

Your files can be the main source of clutter in your home office, especially those that have no real purpose being there. Organizing your files can help you reorganize your workflow. You can start by using organizers in your office. Label each part of the organizer depending on the nature of the files. If you have a lot of paper files, consider purchasing a file cabinet instead. File cabinets are great if you have confidential files in your possession. They can also be used for files that you won’t need until years into the future.

When it comes to your digital files, you must create folders for them on your computer so you can arrange them properly. Put the most urgent folders on your desktop so you can access them easily. Furthermore, consider subscribing to a Cloud program when you can. These programs can ensure that you don’t lose your files on your computer accidentally. These programs can also help you arrange your files in the order you need them.

Once you’ve done these things, there are ways you can proactively prevent clutter from piling in your home.

Have a trash bin in every room

Small trash can be the first source of clutter, and laziness can lead to these piles of trash piling up. Having a trash bin in every room will ensure that you won’t be too lazy to throw these things away.

Sell unneeded items and piece of furniture

There comes a time when there is not enough storage space in your home anymore. During these times, you should consider selling them to your neighbors, family members, friends, and acquaintances. If none of them are interested in buying, consider making a garage sale to clear these things. Not only can you get rid of the clutter in your home, but you can also gain a profit as well.

Declutter your mind

Lastly, it’s time that you declutter and organize your mind. Sometimes one of the main reasons why there is so much clutter around is because we ourselves have too much to think about. It’s time that you declutter your mind through meditation and self-awareness exercises. Give yourself at least an hour every day to do these exercises. It will help you organize yourself in the future and reduce eventual disorganization in the future.

Clutter can be serious business when left unchecked. Sometimes clutter in your home can be a symptom of hoarding, especially if you have problems throwing, selling, and storing them away. This can lead to an unhealthy home that accumulates dirt and dust daily. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Proactively remove clutter from your home and your life through these simple ideas.

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