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Danny LeBeau: A reality check on Morgan Griffith, Ben Cline opposition to energy innovation, rescuing American families

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In 1896, American immigrant Alexander Winton invented a gasoline-powered buggy. His business became the first American company to sell automobiles to the public. When he told his banker of his plan, his banker scoffed at him. When Winton drove by, onlookers would shake their fists and yell, “Get a horse!”.

Those scoffers ignored the “handwriting on the wall” that warned them that the horse and buggy era was quickly coming to an end. What about the scoffers today among our legislators who are ignoring the dying era of fossil fuels, as if shaking their fists and yelling, “Get a nuclear power plant and radioactive waste!”, or, “Use fossil fuels, breathe soot, and let carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides and methane ruin the earth through climate change and global warming!”?

Will these legislators keep denying the inevitable and allow other world powers to “eat our lunch”?

Consider what financial experts Fidelity Investments have forecast to their investors, about renewable energy and American innovation, and the opportunities it will open up to make the USA a more competetive, Super Power nation, based on advanced research by think tank RethinkX.

LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – “By 2030 electricity systems comprised entirely of solar, wind and batteries (SWB) can provide both the cheapest power available and two to three times more total energy than the existing grid in the…United States…slashing consumer costs dramatically… A 100 percent SWB system will possess much more generation capacity…at a marginal cost close to zero… this “Clean Energy Super Power” will enable new business models and industries, create trillions in new value,…help repatriate energy-intensive manufacturing.”

“The implications of this…are profound…it will usher in hundreds of new business models and create industries that collectively transform the global economy…hyperabundant electricity at a marginal cost close to zero, the potential for new value creation is limitless…This is a Super Power solution.”

Like Winton’s naysayers, doubting Thomas legislators need to acknowledge American energy innovation and get onboard, or get run over by it!

Indeed, U.S. consumer energy bills have decreased every year for the last five years compared to the prior 10 years average. The new U.S. competitiveness will bring millions of good paying jobs, along with a comfortable lifestyle like the families of the 1950’s and 60’s had.

In fact, on April 19, 2021, Cecil Roberts, President of the United Mine Workers of America, the largest coal miners’ union in the U.S., told the National Press Club that the Union endorses the administration’s plan to transition from coal and other fossil fuels and move to a “true energy transition” in renewables, while providing thousands of jobs for former fossil fuel workers.

American fossil fuel workers are essential workers and true national heroes who risk their lives daily to ensure that we have the necessary energy for family and industry. This energy transition plan is backed by trillions of dollars of federal funds to make sure that “no worker is left behind”.

So, who is it among our legislators that shamelessly continue to promote earth endangering fossil fuels and nuclear energy, while clean energy solutions are becoming hyperabundant, drastically cheaper, and highly reliable with responsible planning? Who are even dismissing the Bible when it says that God will “destroy those who destroy the earth”?

Unfortunately, Morgan Griffith, Ben Cline and their comrades are failing their constituents by refusing to support the LIFT America Act, the Clean Futures Act, the American Jobs Plan, and the PRO Act which will advance American innovative clean energy solutions, and the creation of millions of good paying jobs, including high paying union jobs.

Are Morgan Griffith, Ben Cline, and their comrades, more concerned about pleasing their political masters than caring for the needs of the people in their districts? Consider this:

Morgan Griffith and Ben Cline both voted “NO!” to the American Rescue Plan. That’s “NO!” to $1,400 per person relief checks, “NO!” to $3,000 to $3,600 per child tax credits, “NO!” to $300 a week to the unemployed, “NO!” to farm aid through direct farm crop purchases, “NO!” to $640 million for rural hospitals, rental assistance, and housing assistance, “NO!” to $350 billion for coronavirus costs to cities, counties, and states.

When Cline and Griffith voted “NO!”, they voted against helping families in their districts put food in their children’s mouths and a roof over their heads.

What’s even more damning is what Fox News reported: “No Republican in Congress has cast a vote in favor of the $1.9 trillion bill”.

The total GOP opposition to the American Rescue Plan shows that they are, “not even willing to lift a finger” as the Bible says. They’re surely not suffering financially, since they’re each being paid at least $174,000/yr, plus well over $1,000,000/yr for staff, office space, etc.!

When election time comes, remember: “Once bitten, twice shy”. Don’t forget that Morgan Griffith and  Ben Cline voted “NO!” to your family’s $1,400 American Rescue Plan relief checks, “NO!” to your family’s $3,000 – $3,600 per child tax credits, and “NO!” for aid to farmers, rural hospitals, renters, and home owners. They are not worthy of your vote. Instead, if you can find one, vote for a person who will look out for your family’s interests.

Danny LeBeau resides in Staunton.

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