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Unlike traditional gaming titles accessed on legacy consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, play to earn games enable players to generate real-world rewards via crypto tokens.

In other words, players can earn free tokens simply for playing their favorite game – meaning that other than devoting time, there is no financial risk involved.

The purpose of this guide is to compare the seven best play to earn games in the blockchain industry right now.

Best Play to Earn Crypto Games for 2024 – Overview 

We found that the best play to earn games in the market right now are the seven blockchain projects listed below:

  1. Tamadoge – Breed, Train, and Battle Virtual Pet NFTs in a Metaverse Environment
  2. Battle Infinity – Multiplayer Fantasy Sports Games With Crypto Rewards
  3. Lucky Block – Win Competition Prizes and Crypto for Holding an NFT
  4. Silks – Generate Crypto Rewards When a Real Thoroughbred Wins a Horserace
  5. Axie Infinity – Battle Virtual Axies With Other Players to Win Crypto
  6. The Sandbox – Play P2E Games in the Metaverse Alongside Land Ownership
  7. STEPN – Play to Earn Game Where Exercise is Rewarded With Crypto

Each of the play to earn games listed above will differ in terms of its genre, economic model, and crypto rewards. As such, read on to find our comprehensive reviews of each project.

Reviews of the 7 Best P2E Games for 2024

There are dozens of notable play to earn games in this space, and we have narrowed our list of top-rated projects down to just seven.

The projects below each offer the opportunity to earn free crypto tokens simply for playing games. Moreover, each game that we have selected has innovated in one, way, shape, or form – such as incorporating the metaverse or NFTs into its project.

1. Tamadoge – Breed, Train, and Battle Virtual Pet NFTs in a Metaverse Environment

Tamadoge is the first project to consider on our list of the best play to earn games for 2024. In a nutshell, the team at Tamadoge is building a gaming ecosystem centered on virtual pets. Each pet will be minted when the player first joins the game and ownership is unique to the user via an NFT.

The minting process is random and backed by smart contract agreements, so each pet NFT will come with a variety of different characteristics – some rarer than others. The player will then be tasked with caring for and training their pet so that it improves its traits.

Play to earn rewards – paid in TAMA, the native token of Tamadoge can be generated in a number of different ways. Perhaps the best way to earn rewards in this game is by entering battles. This will see the player’s Tamadoge pet compete against users in a PVP (player-vs-player) environment.

Tamadoge TikTok

Tamadoge will build its gaming environment to incorporate emerging technologies. For example, the roadmap suggests that in 2023, Tamadoge will be playable via an augmented reality experience. This will connect real-world environments to the Tamadoge metaverse – known as the ‘Tamaverse’.

Moreover, Tamadoge will also launch its P2E gaming world as a mobile app, which will be in addition to its standard browser-based platform. When it comes to the tokenomics of this project, the TAMA token is, as of writing, is one of the best presale cryptos.

The project is looking to raise $2 million via its 30-day presale, albeit, more than $1.6 million has already been raised. Therefore, the general consensus from the broader crypto community is that Tamadoge could be one of the best P2E games of the year.

Although there is still lots to do in terms of development, this is reflected in the project’s valuation at this moment in time. Finally, it is important to note that the Tamadoge contract code has been audited by Solid Proof, and the team behind the project has been verified by Coinsniper.

Min Presale Investment 1,000 TAMA
Max Presale Investment No Max
Project Chain Ethereum
Presale Start Date Ongoing
Presale End Date September 2, 2022

2. Battle Infinity – Multiplayer Fantasy Sports Games With Crypto Rewards

Battle Infinity is also shaping up to become one of the best crypto games this year. This project is building a ‘multiverse’ of products and services that run in conjunction with crypto rewards, NFTs, and the metaverse. This includes a staking tool for long-term investors to generate passive income, alongside a fully-fledged decentralized exchange.

However, the main attraction of the Battle Infinity ecosystem is that it will host a wide variety of multiplayer games. The IBAT Premier League will launch first, which is an immersive take on a traditional fantasy sports game. After buying an NFT pass to access the game, users will then need to build a team of players.

When selected players compete in real-world matches, points will be accumulated by Battle Infinity users. For example, if the user picks Man City striker Erling Haaland and he goes on to score a goal in the Premier League, the player will earn rewards. Battle Infinity distributes awards to winning teams via its IBAT token.

battle infinity presale

Multiple sports will be hosted in the IBAT Premier League, with the IPL cricket franchise launching first, followed by soccer. Players can enhance the gaming experience by earning or buying Battle Infinity NFTs. It is also possible to sell NFTs in the Battle Infinity marketplace.

We should also note that Battle Infinity recently launched its 90-day presale, with the hard cap set at 16,500 BNB. Not only did Battle Infinity reach its hard cap – which amounts to over $5 million at the time of writing, but it achieved this feat in just 24 days.

Those that missed out on the presale can join the Battle Infinity Telegram for details on its PancakeSwap listing.

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3. Lucky Block – Win Competition Prizes and Crypto for Holding an NFT

Lucky Block is a play to earn game that focuses on competitions. Players can win real-world prizes such as 5* holidays, free Bitcoin, and a $1 million property. To participate in a competition, players will first need to buy an NFT. Each NFT is related to a specific competition and entitles players to rewards both before and after the main draw.

The outcome of each draw is determined by the Lucky Block smart contract – which has been audited and verified as secure. This ensures that the winner of each competition is chosen fairly and randomly. Those earnings rewards for holding an NFT will be paid in the project’s native token – LBLOCK.

lucky block token

There is also a primary Lucky Block NFT collection that offers access to its Platinum Members Club. This grants lifetime access to Lucky Block NFT draws, alongside a range of other perks. Lucky Block has since become a dual-blockchain project. The V1 version of its token trades on the Binance Smart Chain.

Those that managed to get in on the Lucky Block presale would have paid just $0.0015 per token, only to see the digital asset hit highs of over $0.09 a month later. This represents gains of over 60x. The V2 token operates on the Ethereum network and this will open up more opportunities for the Lucky Block project in terms of exchange listings and a new investor base.

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4. Silks – Generate Crypto Rewards When a Real Thoroughbred Wins a Horserace

Silks is another top contender from our list of the best play to earn games. This innovative game brings real-world horseracing to the blockchain arena. This is because Silks enables players to buy an NFT that is linked specifically to an actual thoroughbred. And, the NFT holder will subsequently earn rewards based on how the thoroughbred performs in races.

The value of the NFT will, in theory, rise and fall depending on the abilities or achievements of the respective horse. For example, if the horse is a top performer and wins a graded race, this will earn the NFT holder greater rewards. Players will also have the opportunity to customize their jockey silks – in terms of their color and pattern.

silks crypto game

Another innovative feature offered by the Silks play to earn game is the ability to benefit from thoroughbred breeding. For example, if two thoroughbreds have an offspring in the real world, a new NFT will be minted to represent this. There will likely be split ownership in this respect, considering that the newly bred horse will likely be a result of two separate NFTs.

The underlying digital currency backing the Silks ecosystem and P2E game is STT. Players will be able to accumulate STT tokens by engaging with the game and subsequently have the option of cashing out for other digital assets. Silks NFTs will also be tradable on online marketplaces.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile investment products. Your capital is at risk.

5. Axie Infinity – Battle Virtual Axies With Other Players to Win Crypto 

Axie Infinity is one of the most successful play to earn games launched to date. It offers a huge gaming ecosystem that is now used by more than 2 million players each and every day. The earning potential in this game is attractive considering the speed at which the value of AXS tokens has grown.

In fact, AXS is now a multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency. Before we get to earning potential, we should explain the fundamentals of how this play to earn game works. In a nutshell, players will first be tasked with buying an NFT, which represents a virtual creature known as an Axie.

Axie Infinity

Each Axie is different from the next, not only in terms of its appearance but its unique traits and characteristics. The overarching objective is to enter Axies into battle with other players of the game. Those that win a battle will earn rewards – paid in the project’s native token.

When Axie Infinity first hit public exchanges in 2020, it was available to buy at $0.15 per token. AXS has since gone on to generate growth of well over 1,000x. The good news for those missing out on these gains is that the value of AXS has since dropped considerably – as per the crypto bear market. As of writing, AXS is priced nearly 90% lower than its prior all-time high.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile investment products. Your capital is at risk.

6. The Sandbox – Play P2E Games in the Metaverse Alongside Land Ownership

Sandbox is one of the most established play to earn games in this space. The project was first founded in 2012 as a 2D mobile gaming ecosystem. The Sandbox then opted to diversify into the blockchain arena by creating one of the most innovative and immersive versions of the metaverse.

The developers are taking their time with this project, not least because the Sandbox is still in beta mode. As a result, access to the Sandbox metaverse is limited to those with an Alpha pass. Users can get an Alpha pass by completing certain tasks – such as a survey or entering a random draw.

the Sandbox

Either way, even in its current form, the Sandbox metaverse looks very impressive. This sentiment is shared by a number of high-profile figures – including Snoop Dogg. The globally recognized rapper has since invested in his own piece of Metaverse real estate by purchasing virtual land within the Sandbox.

The idea is to offer live experiences in the Snoop Dogg virtual mansion – with entry granted by purchasing tickets. Land can be purchased by anyone with SAND tokens – the native currency of the Sandbox ecosystem. Those buying SAND tokens in 2017 will have since seen the value of their investment grow by more than 15,000% when it hit $8 in 2021.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile investment products. Your capital is at risk.

7. STEPN – Play to Earn Game Where Exercise is Rewarded With Crypto

STEPN is one of the best games for those that wish to get rewarded for exercising. The main concept here is that when players walk, jog, or run – each step will accumulate points. And, the more points accumulated, the more crypto the player will earn.

Before having access to this play to earn game, users will first need to download and install the STEPN app for iOS or Android. After creating an account, the player will need to choose a virtual sneaker NFT to buy. There are four sneakers to choose from, each of which is aligned with a specific movement type – such as walking or running.


Points will only be earned for the specific sneaker purchased. For example, if a player has a walking sneaker but they run, the points will be based on the distance that would have been achieved, had they walked.  In order to pay for the sneaker, players will need SOL tokens, as STEPN operates on top of the Solana blockchain.

There is plenty of liquidity in the market to make STEPN rewards worthwhile, not least because as of writing, the project carries a market capitalization of approximately $400 million. On the flip side, this market valuation is relatively modest when compared to other leading play to earn games in this space – many ‘move to earn cryptos‘ have a low market cap (all have a valuation below STEPN as it leads that niche). As such, there is plenty of upside to target.

Best Place to Buy Crypto Coins for Play to Earn Games

Those with an interest in one or more of the best play to earn games discussed on this page will likely need access to a relevant crypto coin.

While some games are free to play, others require the user to have a funded crypto wallet – as is the case with STEPN.

Moreover, even the best P2E crypto games will offer in-game assets that enhance the player experience. In order to buy in-game assets, players will need to pay for their purchase with crypto coins.

Alternatively, should the player simply want to invest in the play to earn ecosystem, they can do so by purchasing the project’s native token.

eToro – Best Place to Buy Coins for Play to Earn Games

etoro review eToro is the overall best place to buy coins for play to earn games. This low-cost brokerage site offers access to more than 70+ cryptocurrency markets – which includes leading P2E ecosystems such as Axie Infinity and the Sandbox.

Moreover, eToro is also a great place to buy Solana, which will enable users to purchase sneakers on STEPN. Alternatively, those wishing to invest in the Tamadoge presale will need Ethereum which, again, is listed by eToro. All supported coins at eToro can be traded at a fee of just 1%.

US-based investors can deposit funds via debit/credit card, bank wire, or e-wallet without paying any fees. The minimum deposit for US investors is just $10. Those based outside of the US can still access the same payment methods, albeit, the fee stands at 0.5% and the minimum is raised to $50.

etoro review

Once the investor has purchased a crypto asset on the eToro platform, the tokens will be added to the user’s web wallet. This is a safe way to store tokens, as eToro is a regulated online broker with licenses issued from the SEC, ASIC, FCA, and CySEC. With that said, investors can also transfer the tokens to the eToro mobile wallet.

Compatible with both iOS and Android, the eToro mobile wallet offers more flexibility than its web counterpart – such as being able to swap tokens and process withdrawals. This broker also offers passive investment tools, such as diversified crypto portfolios that are managed by the eToro team.

Users can also elect to mirror the investments of a seasoned crypto trading pro via the Copy Trading tool. eToro is also home to stocks, ETFs, commodities, and plenty of other assets – should the investor wish to diversify. Finally, eToro also offers a free demo account that comes with $100k in virtual trading funds.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile investment products. Your capital is at risk.

What are Play to Earn Games?

As the name suggests, play to earn blockchain games are online gaming platforms that enable players to generate rewards from their gameplay. This offers keen gamers the chance to win real money in the form of crypto tokens. The specific tokenomics of each play to earn game will differ from one platform to the next.

With that said, the general concept is that once a player earns crypto, they can withdraw the tokens to a third-party exchange and swap the funds for another digital asset – such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. After that, the player will have the option of exchanging the digital asset for cash via a bank account withdrawal.

tamadoge play to earn game

In order for a play to earn game to be worthwhile for players, there must be sufficient interest in the ecosystem. After all, rewards are paid in the crypto token that was created by the project itself. As such, if there is not enough liquidity or volume associated with the token, it might be difficult to make money. Nevertheless, Tamadoge offers users the ability to make money with cryptocurrency in 2024.

When it comes to the gameplay itself, this will depend on the respective project. For example, Tamadoge offers a Tamagotchi-style metaverse ecosystem that requires players to breed, train, and battle virtual pets. Battle Infinity offers a fantasy sports game with crypto rewards, while Lucky Block specializes in NFT competitions.

How do Play to Earn Games Work?

Play to earn games are somewhat simple to comprehend once the basics are understood.

In the sections below, we help clear the mist by explaining the process involved when playing top P2E games.

Backed by Blockchain

Play to earn games are built on top of a blockchain network.

This offers many benefits to players, such as:

  • Transparent, random, and secure gaming outcomes are assured
  • Ability to earn crypto
  • Connects to a crypto wallet for storing rewards
  • No requirement for the player to reveal their identity
  • Fast and cheap transactions

In order to for the player to access the blockchain-backed P2E game, they must first download and install a suitable wallet.

MetaMask is a popular option as it is simple to use and connects to multiple networks – including Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain.

After installing a wallet, the player can connect it to the play to earn gaming platform.

Create Avatar

Most play to earn games enable their player to create a custom avatar. This essentially represents the player in the virtual world.

P2E platforms will often give the player an option to buy virtual items to further customize an avatar. This will require payment in the native token of the platform, albeit, this is not necessary.

Play Games and Earn Crypto

Once the player has set everything up, they can proceed to play the respective game. As the player progresses through the game and completes certain achievements (e.g. winning a Tamadoge battle), they win and earn crypto rewards.

As noted earlier, the specific crypto token will be native to the project.

The Different Play to Earn Crypto Games

There are many different categories of play to earn games and some titles fall into more than one type.

The most commonly found P2E categories are as follows:


More and more play to earn games are building their own metaverse world. This means that players can explore virtual worlds and socialize with other users.

Metaverse P2E games also offer a more immersive experience and this is only likely to improve as the VR and AR spaces develop further. But players must hold Metaverse crypto coins to play the games.

Battle Infinity metaverse

Another attraction of metaverse P2E gaming models is that they often enable players to purchase virtual plots of land. This is the case with the likes of Decentraland and the Sandbox, where multiple plots have since sold for 7-figure sums.

Move to Earn

As the name suggests, the move to earn category enables players to generate rewards for exercising. The stand-out project in this space is STEPN, which offers crypto tokens to those that walk, jog, or run.

In order to start earning crypto, STEPN players must first buy a virtual sneaker NFT. This might not be favorable for those looking to play free online games to earn money.


Some of the best play to earn games discussed today have a breeding element installed into their ecosystem.

  • For example, when playing Tamadoge, users will initially mint an NFT that represents a virtual pet.
  • Players will then be able to breed their pet with another NFT.
  • In turn, this will create an entirely new pet, and thus – the player will own an additional NFT that is stored on the blockchain.

Another example of a P2E game with breeding capabilities is Silks. This game takes a reverse approach to Tamadoge, insofar that the player will earn a newly minted NFT when real-world thoroughbred breeds.


One of the most common ways for players to generate income from play to earn NFT games is by entering battles. This can come in two forms – PVP and PVE.

The former will see the player battle against other users of the game. The former will see the player battle against an AI algorithm backed by smart contracts.

Either way, battles often take a traditional card game approach when declaring a winner. By this, we mean that the individual traits of the respective character or avatar will determine their odds of beating the opponent.

For example, Tamadoge enables players to train their pet NFTs to increase their characteristics and traits.


Some blockchain games take a more strategic approach. For example, one of the best free online games to earn money from this category is Battle Infinity.

This project offers a fantasy sports gaming tournament, where users will need to strategically pick a team of players from a certain sport – such as basketball or soccer.

The user will earn rewards via crypto tokens depending on how their team performs in actual games.

What are the Advantages of Playing P2E Games?

In addition to searching for the best play to earn crypto games in the market, consider the following benefits that blockchain-based gaming ecosystems offer:

Earn Money by Playing Games

It goes without saying that the main reason that free play to earn games have become so popular is that gamers have the chance to earn money.

While gaming rewards are not paid in fiat money (e.g. US dollars), distributions are made in crypto tokens. The specific token will be the underlying digital asset backing the play to earn crypto.

For example, when playing the Battle Infinity fantasy sports game, successful players will earn IBAT. Similarly, when participating in Lucky Block competitions, rewards are paid in LBLOCK.


It could be argued that the best free play to earn crypto games are risk-free. The reason for this is that most P2E games do not require the user to pay any money.

There are certain exceptions to this rule – such as STEPN and Axie Infinity – both of which require the player to make a purchase before getting started.

However, most play to earn games offer a fee-free experience that still gives players to opportunity to generate income.

Own Items Earned Within the Game 

Traditional gaming platforms do not allow players to own any of the items they earn or buy from within the game. Let’s take the popular video game series FIFA – which has been operational for more than two decades, as a prime example.

  • FIFA allows players to earn a full range of extras within the game – such as coins, player packs, and enhancements.
  • FIFA also allows players to purchase the aforementioned items via a debit/credit card payment
  • Irrespective of whether the player earns or buys the in-game asset, FIFA retains 100% ownership at all times
  • In fact, FIFA makes it clear that it is against its terms and conditions to attempt to try and sell any items earned within the game

In comparison, the best play to earn games that we have discussed on this page enable the player to retain full ownership of any items they earn or buy.

This is made possible through unique NFTs that are attached to the respective item and subsequently stored on the blockchain. Moreover, as NFTs can be easily transferred, in-game items can be bought and sold on the open market.

P2E Coins are Tradable Assets

Apart from Tamadoge, which, at the time of writing, is still engaged in its presale launch, all of the other play to earn games that we have discussed today have their token trade on public crypto exchanges.

As a result, each P2E token will increase and decrease in value and this will be determined by demand. In other words, the more popular a P2E game becomes, the greater chance there is that the respective token will rise in value.

tamadoge presale

Take Axie Infinity, the Sandbox, and STEPN as prime examples – all of which have generated gains in the thousands of percentage points for early investors.

The key point here is that not only can players make money from P2E titles by progressing through the game, but this can be amplified if the value of the token increases in the open market.

Another way to make money from the tokens earned by P2E games is by staking. Battle Infinity, for example, is building an in-house staking tool that enables players to earn interest on their idle IBAT tokens.

New Play to Earn Games

Upcoming play to earn games are projects that are yet to launch the full version of their platform.

Examples include:

  • ChainGuardians: This is an upcoming play to earn game that combines NFT mining with an RPG model. Its native token, CGG, was launched in late 2021.
  • PirateXPirate: This P2E game offers a pirate-themed game in a metaverse world. Players can earn PXP tokens by entering battles with their crew.
  • Tamadoge: This is a brand new play to earn that is still in its presale phase. Players will need to mint and train a virtual pet before entering it into battle with the view of earning tokens.

The earlier an investor gains exposure to an upcoming P2E game, the more attractive its token price is.

Of course, there are no guarantees that a P2E gaming token will rise in the open market – so always consider the risks before proceeding.

iOS & Android Play to Earn Games 

Most of the play to earn games that we ranked and reviewed on this page are either in their beta stage or only available via a standard web browser.

Nonetheless, virtually all of the projects are working on a fully optimized mobile app. This will enable users to continue playing the best crypto games and earning rewards while on the move.

As of writing, one of the best play to earn crypto games for Android and iOS is STEPN – which allows players to earn rewards for moving.


P2E gaming products built on the blockchain are increasingly becoming mainstream – not least because they offer the opportunity to make money simply for playing games.

Some of the best play to earn games in this space have already amassed millions of users that log into the game daily.

One of the most notable P2E games that we reviewed today – Tamadoge, is currently offering its native gaming token – TAMA, in a presale launch.

As of writing, more than 75% of the tokens have already been sold – so those interested in this P2E ecosystem will need to act fast.

battle infinity presale

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