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Long term crypto investors will engage in a process dubbed ‘HODLing’. This simply means that investors will buy a cryptocurrency and hold on to the token for several years, with the view of maximizing potential returns.

In this guide, we reveal the 10 best long term crypto investments for 2022.

List of the Best Long Term Crypto Investments for 2022

A list of the best long term crypto investments for 2022 can be found below:

  1. Tamadoge Overall Best Long Term Crypto Investment for 2022
  2. Battle Infinity – Hot New Play-to-Earn Crypto Project
  3. Lucky Block – New Crypto Project Launching a Decentralized Prize Draw Game
  4. Bitcoin – Store of Value for Long Term Crypto Investors
  5. Ethereum – Solid Smart Contract Blockchain With Huge Market Capitalization
  6. Solana – Top-Performing Blockchain Network That is Highly Scalable
  7. Polygon – Quality Side-Blockchain for Ethereum Transactional Activity
  8. XRP – Long-Term Investment Into the Future of Interbank Transactions
  9. Decentraland – Invest in the Metaverse Today via MANA Tokens
  10. BNB – Invest in the Continued Growth of the Binance Ecosystem
  11. DeFi Coin – Gain Long Term Exposure to the Future of DeFi

We analyze each of the above crypto assets in full in the following sections of this guide.

Best Crypto for Long Term Investments – Detailed Analysis 

Investors wondering how to make money with cryptocurrency may turn to long term investments. The most successful crypto investors are those that ‘HODL’ over an extended period of time. This ensures that investors give themselves the best chance possible of riding out volatile market waves.

Moreover, long term investors will look to capitalize on bear markets – such as the one we are currently in, by purchasing crypto at discounted prices. Other investors prefer to trade cryptos for immediate gains, selecting one or two cryptos to trade and capitalize on the market swings.

Taking all of this into account, below we offer a detailed analysis of the 10 best long term crypto investments for 2022.

1. Tamadoge – Overall Best Long Term Crypto Investment for 2022


Tamadoge (TAMA) is a new meme coin with a heavy focus on utility. The project takes aspects from trending sectors in cryptocurrency including NFTs, P2E games, and the Metaverse in order to provide investors with intrinsic value – a rarity within the meme coin market.

Tamadoge features an expansive and detailed Metaverse world aptly named the Tamaverse. In this world, players can interact with each other as well as their Tamadoge pets. Each 3D-animated pet is viewable in the Tamaverse and can be upgraded using items purchased from the Tamadoge store. Giving a pet food, toys, and cosmetic items, will level it up and earn the holder Dogepoints. The more Dogepoints a player has, the higher they will place on the Tamadoge leaderboard.

TAMA 1 million raised

In order to create a strong in-game economy and reward players for participating in the Tamadooge ecosystem, as a player climbs the leaderboard they will earn a greater share of the rewards pool.

In contrast to inflationary meme coins like Dogecoin which have an infinite supply, Tamadoge features a fixed supply of 2 billion tokens. Of those, 1 billion (50%) have been allocated to the beta and general presales, 600 million (30%) will progressively unlock over a 10-year period to fund the project’s development, and 400 million (20%) have been reserved for exchange listings.

Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Tamadoge

Revenue generated from transactions in the Tamadoge store is split as follows, 65% is used to fund the P2E rewards pool, 30% is used for marketing and development and the remaining 5% is burned, helping to keep prices strong over the long term.

With Tamadoge bringing so much utility to a sector largely devoid of it, it’s likely that it could prove to be one of the best long term crypto investments of the year. Join the Tamadoge Telegram group to keep updated with the project’s developments.

Min Investment 1,000 TAMA (∼$10 + gas fee)
Max Investment N/A
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Debit / Credit Card (via Transak)
Chain Ethereum
Beta Sale Ends 2nd September 2022
Presale Ends Q4 2022

2. Battle Infinity – Hot New Play-to-Earn Crypto Project

Battle Infinity is the overall best long term crypto investment to consider right now. This new crypto project is building a virtual ecosystem that will offer users a wide variety of niche products. This includes the IBAT Premier League, which is a fantasy sports game.

This entails building a team of athletes from a popular sport and the better that each player performs in a real game, the more rewards that the user will earn. At Battle Infinity, rewards are paid in IBAT. This is the crypto token that will fuel the broader Battle Infinity metaverse.

It is also possible to earn in-game rewards via NFTs – which represent a variety of different items. This subsequently enhances the end-to-end Battle Infinity user experience. Battle Infinity is also building a decentralized exchange (DEX) that will allow users to buy and sell IBAT without going through a third party.

battle infinity presale

Moreover, Batlle Infinity will offer staking services, which enables users to generate an attractive yield on their tokens investments. The Battle Market is another product worth looking out for. This will enable users to trade in-game NFTs, such as music or weapons, in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

There is also the Battle Games segment of the ecosystem, which will host a wide variety of multiplayer titles. In addition to its vast product range, we found that Battle Infinity is one of the best crypto to buy due to the low entry price currently on offer.

Battle Infinity’s 90-day presale has sold out early raising 16,500 BNB. Nonetheless, the IBAT token will soon be available for trade on PancakeSwap. To find out more, visit the Battle Infinity website to read the whitepaper. To speak with fellow IBAT investors, join the Battle Infinity Telegram group.

3. Lucky Block – New Crypto Project Launching a Decentralized Prize Draw Game

Next up on our list of the best long term crypto investments for 2022 is Lucky Block. Launched in January 2022, Lucky Block was behind one of the best crypto presales of all time. The reason for this is that the LBLOCK token was offered to early investors via a presale price of just $0.00015. Just a few weeks later, LBLOCK managed to hit a price of over $0.009.

Therefore, this represents rapid gains of almost 6,000% in the month that followed its January 2022 presale. For those new to the Lucky Block project, it is building a decentralized crypto game that consists of daily and weekly prize draws. To stand a chance of winning, users will need to buy a Lucky Block ticket.

The minimum entry per draw is five tickets, each of which is priced at just $1. Those that win a Lucky Block prize draw will have their winnings paid in LBLOCK. Unlike the status quo, Lucky Block games are backed by smart contracts and blockchain technology. In turn, this means that each gaming outcome is transparent are guaranteed to be random.

As a result, there is no way for the Lucky Block number drawing process to be manipulated internally or externally. Another way to access Lucky Block prize draws is to buy an NFT. This is one of the best NFTs to buy, as each of the 10,000 holders gets lifetime access to the prize draw without needing to buy a ticket.

To invest in Lucky Block today at heavily discounted prices – as per the broader crypto bear market, the best way to do this is via the PancakeSwap DEX. In the coming months, Lucky Block is expected to announce a wave of partnerships with tier-one exchanges. As such, those buying LBLOCK before the exchange announcements have the potential to benefit.

4. Bitcoin – Store of Value for Long Term Crypto Investors

It will likely come as no surprise to see Bitcoin on our list of the best long term crypto investments for 2022. Bitcoin is the first and still de-facto cryptocurrency in this marketplace. Launched in 2009, Bitcoin was originally created as a medium of exchange to compete with the traditional financial system.

However, Bitcoin transfers take 10 minutes to confirm and are limited to just 7 transactions per second. As a result, Bitcoin is now viewed as a store of value – in a similar nature to gold. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin in supply and new tokens enter circulation every 10 minutes.

Furthermore, and perhaps most pertinently, the supply of Bitcoin cannot be manipulated like fiat currencies. This means that Bitcoin can never witness the same fate as the US dollar, euro, British pound, and other currencies in terms of inflationary practices. In addition, no single person or authority has control over the Bitcoin network.

Taking all of this into account, Bitcoin is one of the best long term crypto investments for 2022. Crucially, the broader crypto markets have been in freefall since the turn of 2022 – which means that Bitcoin can be purchased at a much lower price than its previous all-time high of November 2021.

Back then, Bitcoin peaked at nearly $69,000 after going on a prolonged bullish run. Since then, Bitcoin has dropped to lows of just under $20,000. Therefore, when compared to its previous high, Bitcoin can be purchased at a discount of over 70%. At these pricing levels, if and when Bitcoin eventually recovers to its previous high, this would require an upside of nearly 250%.

Note: Although Bitcoin trades for over $20,000 per token, budget-friendly brokers like eToro allow minimum investments of just $10.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile investment products. Your capital is at risk.

5. Ethereum – Solid Smart Contract Blockchain With Huge Market Capitalization

Seasoned crypto investors will often focus on just two tokens – Bitcoin and Ethereum. Regarding the latter, Ethereum is positioned just behind Bitcoin in the market capitalization rankings. Since it was launched in 2015, Ethereum has not only gone on to become one of the most valuable digital currencies – but the most trusted.

This decentralized project runs in conjunction with the Ethereum Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that aims to develop the blockchain protocol throughout the course of time. One of the main aspects that sets Ethereum apart from Bitcoin is that it facilitates smart contract agreements.

In their most basic form, smart contracts allow people to enter into trustless agreements. The terms of each agreement are built into the smart contract code and thus – cannot be amended or manipulated. Some of the best altcoins to buy right now – including the likes of Decentraland and Polygon, operate on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

In fact, there are thousands of projects that utilize the Ethereum network for their own ecosystem – which are otherwise referred to as ERC-20 tokens. Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum is one of the best long term crypto investors to consider right now due to its discounted price. As of writing, Ethereum is trading at a discount of nearly 70% from its 2021 highs.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile investment products. Your capital is at risk.

6. Solana – Top-Performing Blockchain Network That is Highly Scalable

Although we would argue that Ethereum is one of the best long term crypto investments that all traders should consider, we also like Solana. This project is often dubbed an Ethereum Killer, not least because it also offers decentralized smart contracts – but in a much more efficient and cost-effective way. 

For example, Ethereum can only handle up to 16 transactions per second. Although Ethereum 2.0 will eventually take this figure to an expected 100,000 per second, when this happens remains to be seen. In comparison, Solana can reportedly handle up to 50,000 transactions per second and at a much cheaper rate than Ethereum. 

solana price prediction

For instance, the average transaction fee on Solana is just $0.00025, while in the case of Ethereum, this typically sits between $0.50 and $1 when the network isn’t overloaded. When Ethereum experiences a network overload, this can increase to several dollars. 

Nonetheless, the smart contract market is large enough for more than one blockchain network to stake a claim. As a result, both Ethereum and Solana potentially represent two of the best long term crypto investments for 2022. In terms of pricing, Solana is, as of writing, trading at a discount of nearly 85% when compared to its previous all-time high. 

Cryptoassets are highly volatile investment products. Your capital is at risk.

7. Polygon – Quality Side-Blockchain for Ethereum Transactional Activity

We mentioned just a moment ago that Ethereum, which is still the de-facto blockchain of choice, is very limited when it comes to scalability and is expensive in terms of transaction fees. This is where Polygon comes in, which most definitely makes our list of the best long term crypto investments for 2022.

In a nutshell, Polygon operates a side-chain network for the Ethereum blockchain. This means that developers get the best of both worlds. That is to say, developers can build decentralized applications that run in conjunction with the Ethereum network, meaning that security and legitimacy remain in place.

polygon price chart

However, through the Polygon side-chain, developers and end users benefit from significantly lower fees and more scalable transactions throughout. Backing the Polygon ecosystem is the MATIC token. When MATIC was launched in 2019, CoinMarketCap notes that it was priced at just $0.0035.

In late 2021, MATIC hit an all-time high of $2.92. This means that early investors witnessed gains of over 83,000%. Based on prices at the time of writing, MATIC can be purchased at a discount of over 70% from its prior all-time high. As such, never before has there been a better time to invest in the Polygon ecosystem.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile investment products. Your capital is at risk.

8. XRP – Long-Term Investment Into the Future of Interbank Transactions 

Next up on our list of the best crypto for long term investment is XRP. This is the native digital currency of the Ripple company, which is involved in payments solutions. In fact, Ripple has built an innovative payments network that allows big banks and financial institutions to transact on a cross-border basis.

While several legacy systems already serve this function, performing interbank transactions via the Ripple network is both cheaper and faster. For instance, if a bank in Africa wishes to transfer funds to an institution in Australia, this would typically need to go through a third party like SWIFT.

The SWIFT network – which was dominated the interbank sector since the 1970s, is expensive and oftentimes incredibly slow. Ripple, however, enables banks to transact internationally at a fee of just 0.00001 XRP. As of writing, this amounts to just $0.0000036 per transaction – irrespective of the size of the transfer.

Furthermore, Ripple transactions take just a few seconds before they are validated. Not only can Ripple handle up to 1,500 transactions per second, but XRP ensures that cross-currency transfers have sufficient levels of liquidity. The main drawback with XRP is that its token valuation is yet to regain its prior all-time high of over $3.30 – which it hit in early 2018.

Nonetheless, taking into account the current bear market, there is still plenty of upside potential. For instance, as of writing, XRP is trading at a discount of nearly 75% when compared to its 52-week high of $1.41. If XRP were able to regain this previous high, this would require an upside of nearly 300%.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile investment products. Your capital is at risk.

9. Decentraland – Invest in the Metaverse Today via MANA Tokens 

One of the best long term crypto investments for 2022 is the metaverse. This concept is currently being developed by a number of leading projects, which is inclusive of Decentraland. In a nutshell, Decentraland offers a virtual world that enables users to create their own digital avatar.

This avatar is essentially the virtual version of an individual user, it can be fully customized, and is represented via a unique NFT. Users can then explore the Decentraland virtual world, which is limitless in terms of its potentialities. For example, plots of land within the Decentraland ecosystem can be purchased by users.

In order to do this, users must connect their wallet to Decentraland and pay for their purchase with MANA tokens. To date, many plots of land have been purchased for significant sums – some of which have surpassed $1 million. Moreover, plots of land can be used to build virtual projects – such as hotels, apartments, or casinos.

Either way, some market commentators see virtual real estate in the Decentraland world as a long-term investment. The theory is that as Decentraland and the broader metaverse become more mainstream, land valuations will increase. The value of the MANA token itself has performed exceptionally well since it launched in 2018 – with peak gains of over 20,000%. For the best metaverse cryptos read our detailed article now.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile investment products. Your capital is at risk.

10. BNB – Invest in the Continued Growth of the Binance Ecosystem

Binance is the largest private entity that operates in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. While the current crypto bear market is resulting in a wave of exchanges facing liquidity issues, Binance faces no such problem. In fact, Binance has stated that it has the financial resources to purchase struggling crypto firms should the right opportunities present themselves.

And as such, BNB, which is the native digital asset of the Binance ecosystem, is perhaps one of the best crypto to invest in the long term. Before we get to the price action of this token, let’s explore the fundamentals of BNB. First and foremost, the token was originally created with one sole purpose – to offer Binance exchange traders a discounted commission rate.

While this benefit still exists, BNB now offers a much wider range of use cases. At the forefront of this is the Binance Smart Chain. This is a decentralized network that supports thousands of crypto tokens – many of which are brand new start-ups. When traders elect to buy a token listed on this network, fees must be paid in BNB.

Furthermore, tokens launched on the Binance Smart Chain are paired with BNB. This means that liquidity is facilitated in BNB and thus – demand for this crypto token continues to grow. However, in line with the wider crypto winter, BNB has since seen its value decline. This does, however, mean that when compared to its previous high, BNB is available at a discount of 70%.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile investment products. Your capital is at risk.

11. – DeFi Coin – Gain Long Term Exposure to the Future of DeFi

The final option to consider on our list of the best crypto to hodl in 2022 is DeFi Coin. As the name suggests, this project offers an opportunity to invest in the long term future of decentralized finance. The reason for this is that the team at DeFi Coin is building a diverse decentralized exchange platform that offers a range of DeFi products.

The exchange itself is branded as DeFi Swap, while the underlying token is DeFi Coin – or DEFC. The DeFi Swap exchange includes the ability to earn interest on idle crypto tokens via staking and yield farming. Both of these DeFi products are offered on a decentralized basis via smart contracts.

DeFi Coin price

As a result, DeFi Swap itself never holds customer funds. DeFi Swap also offers instant token swaps across thousands of Binance Smart Chain projects. The platform will also support cross-chain swaps, albeit, this is still in the development stages – as is the platform’s NFT marketplace.

Crucially, unlike conventional exchanges, DeFi Swap does not require users to create an account, provide personal data, or upload sensitive KYC documents. This means that users from all over the world can access DeFi products both remotely and anonymously. DeFi Coin can be purchased at DeFi Swap or Pancakeswap at a huge discount from its prior all-time high.

The Basics of Long Term Crypto Investing

In a nutshell, long term crypto investing is defined as holding onto a digital asset for at least one year. However, in the volatile world of crypto, long term investors should consider holding for several years – especially when gaining exposure to solid projects with strong fundamentals.

After all, one only needs to look at the previous pricing cycles of Bitcoin and the broader crypto markets to understand that long term investors will always do better than short term speculators.

  • For example, in 2017, Bitcoin went on a prolonged bull run, going from $1,000 at the start of the year to close at $20,000.
  • After hitting its then all-time high of $20,000, Bitcoin entered an extended bear market.
  • In fact, just one year later, Bitcoin hit lows of approximately $3,500.
  • On the one hand, this means that those buying at the peak of $20,000 and selling at $3,500 would have been looking at losses of over 80%.
  • However, those that held on until November 2021 would have been able to cash out at nearly $69,000 – which represents gains of almost 245%.

In another example, in January 2018, Ethereum hit highs of $1,400, only to breach lows of nearly $100 just one year later. However, fast forward to November 2021 and Ethereum hit new all-time highs of almost $5,000.

The key point here is that by refraining from panic selling during a broader bear market, long term investors stand the best chance possible of not only recovering losses – but creating far greater gains.

This is, however, on the proviso that investors are holding solid cryptocurrencies with strong fundamentals. After all, many crypto tokens from the 2018/19 bear market have never recovered.  On the contrary, lots of projects have since become insolvent.

Should I HODL my Crypto?

Knowing whether to HODL or cash out an investment during a crypto bear market is no easy feat. After all, not only is there no guarantee that the respective token will recover – but the broader crypto market itself.

As such, investors should carefully consider how to proceed. Below, we explore some of the key considerations that should be made when making an investment decision during bearish periods.

Fundamentals of the Crypto Project 

First and foremost, investors should look at the fundamentals of a project when deciding whether or not to HODL. For example, in our view, the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum are solid, established cryptocurrencies that will always be around.

Both of these digital assets – and many others, have not only survived prior bear markets but continue to generate attractive gains for long term investors.

In order to determine the long term viability of a crypto investment – consider the following key points:

  • How long has the crypto project been in existence?
  • Does the crypto project have a strong, active community of investors?
  • What exchanges is the crypto token listed on and does it attract sufficient levels of liquidity?
  • How big or small is the market capitalization of the crypto project?
  • Is the respective team of developers working on the crypto project behind the scenes?
  • What notable partnerships has the crypto project formed?

Being able to evaluate the above questions will help investors determine how strong the fundamentals of the project are and ultimately – pay less attention to short term volatility.

This is no different from holding high-grade stocks during a recession.

Performance of the Crypto Since the Previous Bear Market 

The next metric to consider is how the crypto token has performed since the prior bear market. By this, we mean exploring the previous all-time high of the project and whether or not it has gone on to smash through this figure since.

For example, we mentioned earlier that Bitcoin hit an all-time of $20,000 in late 2017. Although it took three years for Bitcoin to once again hit a price of $20,000, the digital currency has since gone on to breach new highs of over $68,000.

bitcoin price since 2017

At the other end of the spectrum, many crypto projects have failed to recover former highs from several years prior. As such, this should be viewed as a major red flag.

Discounted Prices Means a Lower Average Cost Price 

Rather than panic selling, seasoned investors will often look to increase their exposure to long term holdings during a crypto winter.

The best crypto to buy during the market crash are those that offer solid fundamentals but at a hugely discounted price. This will enable investors to reduce the average cost price of any tokens being held during a market dip.

  • For example, let’s suppose that an investor allocated $10,000 into Bitcoin when the digital asset hit $68,000
  • The investor then allocates a further $10,000 into Bitcoin when it hit $40,000, and again at $20,000
  • This takes the total investment into Bitcoin to $30,000
  • However, the average cost price has subsequently been reduced from $68,000 per BTC to just over $42,000
  • This means that if and when Bitcoin eventually recovers to $68,000, the investor will be looking at gains of 61%, rather than breaking even

Once again, long term cryptocurrency predictions are never an indicator of future results, meaning that there are no guarantees that prices will ever recover. As such, traders should never invest more than they can realistically afford to lose.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Invest in Long Term Crypto on eToro

IBAT is yet to hit a public exchange, as the crypto token is in the midst of its presale campaign. Most of the other tokens on our list of the best crypto for HODLing can be found on eToro.

In a nutshell, eToro is a regulated broker that supports small crypto investments from $10 alongside competitive fees. Plus, it’s easy to open an account and subsequently deposit funds with a debit/credit card, bank wire, or e-wallet.

Step 1: Open an eToro Account

First, create an eToro account by clicking ‘Sign Up’ and choosing a suitable username and password. Next, follow the on-screen instructions by entering some basic personal information, alongside an email address and cell phone number.

open an eToro account

To finalize the account opening process, upload a copy of a government-issued ID – such as a driver’s license or passport.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

Step 2: Deposit Funds

The minimum deposit for US/UK clients at eToro is $10, and $50 elsewhere. No fees apply on USD deposits across all supported payment types.

The fastest and most convenient way to deposit funds at eToro is via a debit/credit card or an e-wallet like Paypal. Bank wires are supported too.

Step 3: Search for Long Term Crypto

By clicking on the ‘Discover’ button, investors can browse the many crypto tokens that are available to buy on eToro. 

buy bitcoin on etoro with low fees

eToro users can also use the search bar – like we have done in the example image above.

Step 4: Buy Long Term Crypto

The eToro user will now need to click on the ‘Trade’ button next to the crypto they wish to buy. This will subsequently launch an order box.

buy bitcoin on etoro with low fees

Next, type in the total investment amount – from $10. Finally, to complete the investment process, click “Open Trade’.


Although the wider crypto sector is currently in the midst of a bear market, this offers a great opportunity to enter some long term positions.

Many of the tokens on our list of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022 for long term growth have previously witnessed bearish conditions – but have since gone on to generate new all-time highs.

Tamadoge has been making waves with investors, raising over $1 million in less than three weeks. With a centralized exchange listing on LBank already confirmed and more planned, it could be the best long term crypto on the market. With that said, overall, we would argue that Battle Infinity represents one of the best long term investments to consider today. The project is currently sold out but a listing on PancakeSwap is expected soon.

tamadoge presale

battle infinity presale


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