Could Deontay Wilder ever beat Tyson Fury?

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For a great number of fans of boxing, there was only ever going to be one outcome of the recent Wilder vs Fury fight, and that was that the Gypsy King as he is known would wipe the floor with Wilder.

The recent fight was correctly predicted by Ryan Knuppel from the US sports betting sites, In fact, looking at the number of people who did back Wilder to win, a great number of people made a handsome profit out of that fight, but no matter what the result was, the two winners were always going to be both boxers.

Estimates are that they both picked up $25million each for their time in the ring that night, which no matter how you look at it was a great result for them both financially.

However, many people are asking whether the result would be the same if they both agreed to fight each other again, but when you take everything into account its fair to say the same result is one I think would be the outcome of any additional head to head they did ever agree too.

If you missed the fight and somehow missed how it ended, well Fury did beat Wilder, and it was in the seventh round he won by a stoppage, having dropped his opponent twice in the fight.

Those who did watch the antics of both boxers before the match and watched their pre-match interviews may recall that Fury did announce how he would win the match, so his master plan if he did have one, does appear to have worked wonders.

That match was one that was offered to viewers via pay per view, and it is estimated that around 825,000 people did pay to watch the match on TV in North America alone.

If that estimate is right, then the income generated by pay per view alone was in the $65million region, which was far short of the two million viewers paying to watch the match that experts had predicted would tune in.

UPDATE – Fury and Wilder Will Do Battle Once More

Those of you that had your money on Wilder to win the match, can now try and recoup your losses, for it has just been announced that Wilder and Fury are once again going to be doing battle in the ring as the Bronze Bomber as he is known, that being Wilder of course has just triggered the rematch clause in their contract.

It has also been announced that match will take place this coming July on the 18th of that month, and as such very avid fans of both boxers are not going to have to wait very long for the rematch to take place.

It will be held once again at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and looking at the early betting odds on that match, it does appear the bookies are convinced it is going to end in much the same way as the match just held did, that being a win for Fury, as that is where the smart early money in the betting does appear to be going.

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