Aubrey Huff could hit: Not so sure about his politics rants

You probably missed this from former Staunton Brave Aubrey Huff, who went on to play 13 years in the Majors.

“If I have to hear about one more team or organization that refuses to go to the White House, I think I’m going to fucking puke,” Huff said in a video that he posted to his Twitter page.

Yeah. Oh, geez.

“Today’s athletes, man, I’m so sick of them pretending to be so oppressed and being these social justice warriors. Please, for the love of God, athletes, just entertain us. And gosh, I gotta tell you, ESPN, it goes double for you. Can you please just report sports? I beg you, pretty, pretty please, I beg you.”

OK, so, Huff is a “stick to sports” guy.

Except that: isn’t he offering his thoughts on politics here?


(Actually, no, don’t listen.)

“I had the honor of going to the White House twice in my career, and at the time President Barack Obama was there, and I wasn’t necessarily an Obama fan, I didn’t like his policies, and as a matter of fact, I didn’t even vote for him.”

Hmmm. Seems like he’s sharing his thoughts on politics.

And, check the record on this, the only reason anybody would pay any attention to what Aubrey Huff would have to say on this is, he was an athlete.

And actually, a pretty good one. Hit 242 homers in MLB, with a .278/.342/.464 slash line.

Dude has 34 dingers in 2003 in Tampa, 32 long balls in Baltimore in 2008.

He could rake.

And now, retired, he likes to share his thoughts on politics, including, irony going straight over his head, on how athletes shouldn’t share their thoughts on politics.

He could hit, but logic, not so good at that.

Stick to sports, man.

Column by Chris Graham

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