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Are there health benefits with use of online casinos and gambling in general?

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Have you ever thought about the health benefits of gambling? Tough question, right? If you think that gambling at online casinos has no health benefits, then prepare yourself to be surprised because that would be the wrong answer. Despite the different aspects of the gaming industry, good online gambling is sometimes viewed as an activity that has both negative and positive impact on a person.

Doctors do not deny certain positive effects, and even provide scientific evidence that gambling can be good for a person.

Everyone knows that gambling provides an adrenaline rush. You feel a thrill, a little tension, and excitement. But you ask, “Isn’t it bad for your health to be nervous?” Not too bad as there are different types of stress. Stress can be negative or positive. Constant stress that engulfs you and makes you feel like you’re in a bubble, full of sad thoughts, poor sleep, and chronic fatigue can lead to a variety of health problems. However, when it’s a one-time adrenaline rush, such as a skydiving experience, rafting, playing poker, or in an online casino, then it’s a different story altogether.

Our calm and comfortable lives are not meant to be healthy choices. Seriously, think about it. Our ancestors ran away from enemies, hunted for food, and had to be on the alert all the time. This is why we need an adrenaline rush, and releasing it regularly is essential for our mind and body. Fortunately, we do not currently have such terrible sources of danger that haunt us daily, which can pose a threat to our lives. But hormonal balance requires an adrenaline rush, and gambling is one of the safest ways to get this vital substance into our veins.

The benefits of an adrenaline rush in gambling

Adrenaline has many more benefits than you might imagine. Usually, in films, a person who is overwhelmed with this stress hormone can turn over a car or jump over a high hedge. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in real life. You may not gain that kind of superpower, but at least you will improve your immune system, improve sleep, and even get rid of pain because what adrenaline does to your body is great. Plus, get ready to be surprised because adrenaline even slows down aging. This is all thanks to antioxidants, which become quite active when your body is on edge. Besides, the release of adrenaline leads to a surge in happiness hormones.

Despite all this great news, we have to warn you that adrenaline can be addictive. Have you heard of “adrenaline junkies”? Yes, this chemical that can make you jump off a bridge with a rope can be both dangerous and vital, so be careful. Don’t play with fire.

Gambling and intellectual development

When any online casino game involves strategy, thoughtful tactics, psychological tricks, and mathematical calculations, it automatically becomes intellectually challenging. We’re not talking about every game, but poker, for example, is a great activity for enhancing your intelligence and even your cognitive function. Your brain is always on edge and stressed when you try to predict the outcome of a game or devise your strategy to win. And this always requires serious thought.

We hope there is no need to explain why intellectual development is good for your health. At the very least, you can become even smarter to avoid various life-threatening situations. Ultimately, regular intellectual tasks in various forms help prevent dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other dire illnesses. We are not saying that playing poker or any other similar online casino games will guarantee that you will avoid brain diseases, but it can certainly increase your chances of being healthy.

Gambling as stress relief

We are surrounded by people for some time every day. Sometimes we may not like it, and we get annoyed, but in any case, we cannot live separately from society. This form of organization was once an evolutionary advantage, and being in groups helped our ancestors survive. Modern scientific research shows that adults today do not have a strong desire to be socially active, because we can be without other people for a while. However, this is incredibly difficult from a psychological point of view.

People crave other people’s company because all kinds of interactions make them happier. When we are in a group of friends, our body releases oxytocin, which is also known as a social hormone, and it is one of the “happy hormones”. When you play table or board games, whether, in an online casino or elsewhere, you feel connected to the people who are with you in the game. When you’re young, this may seem like a minor benefit.

For older people, according to a social survey, more than a third of them feel lonely, and poker (along with other games) has become a great source of pleasure for serious older players. When they communicate, they feel better, become healthier, and generally happier.

Story by Vitaly Chernenko

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