Allens campaign in Virginia Beach

George and Susan Allen brought the Virginia Voices tour to Virginia Beach on Monday to hear directly from women business and community leaders about their concerns for the future and what they believe is needed to get the economy moving again.

From various backgrounds, participants raised concerns about rising health care costs under the government health care law and the high unemployment rate for recent graduates, while voicing support for allowing Virginia to produce oil and gas off our coast.

“The most important issue for women I know is a strong economy that supports our businesses and provides opportunities for our families,” said Linda Cruciano.  “As a small business owner, I need the ability to invest in new ideas and adapt to a challenging economy without a steady stream of red tape and government dictates at every turn.  One of the biggest burdens is the government health care tax law that has given me higher costs and fewer choices. I’m glad George Allen is committed to standing against this law to repeal it and replace with solutions that actually make health care more affordable.”

Women have been especially harmed by the failed Washington economic policies championed by Tim Kaine. The poverty rate for women is the highest it has been in nearly 17 years, hundreds of thousands of women have lost their jobs, and many have given up looking for work.

“Women are often the CEOs of their households.  They know firsthand the effects Washington policies are having on their family budgets and businesses,” said Susan Allen. “High energy costs, rising health insurance premiums, and reduced incomes are all adversely affecting families throughout the Commonwealth. George believes this election is an important opportunity to choose a better future for our children. He is running for the U.S. Senate with his proven solutions for growing the economy and creating jobs to support strong families and communities.”

Many participants expressed concerns with the government healthcare law and the potential of being dropped from their existing health care plans.  With high unemployment and underemployment for graduates, George Allen discussed ways to allow 26-year-olds to stay on their parents plans, as well as options for market-based health care solutions.

“Throughout our conversation, it was clear that skyrocketing health care costs and the overreaching, big-government mandates from the government health care law are creating only one certainty: Washington is not working for them.  That’s why I want to repeal the health care law and give Virginians the freedom to choose affordable, portable, and personal market-based health care solutions.   Options include Health Savings Accounts, allowing small businesses to join together across State lines in larger risk pools for lower insurance costs and  allowing the State flexibility to manage Medicaid more smartly and efficiently.  I want to be Virginians’ voice in the U.S. Senate for less government and more Freedom for women and men to create their own success.”

Virginia Voices launched in June to highlight the stories, concerns and ideas of Virginians whose voices are not being heard in Washington. features TV ads, web videos and social media tools designed to share the real issues facing Virginians. Visit to learn more.

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