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5 ways you can benefit from buying a used car

If you can’t decide between buying a new or used vehicle, making a list of the pros and cons can help. However, when it comes to benefits, there are a lot more in the used category. Whether you’re looking for a barely-driven vehicle that would be considered new if you looked at miles alone or you want a trusted, well-tested vehicle with years of experience on the road, used vehicles often have a lot to offer. The only caveat is that you’ll probably want to get a third-party report to ensure there are no hidden dangers.

There are even luxury used cars that many people wouldn’t be able to afford new. If you’re on a budget or simply money-savvy and know there’s no point in going new, luxury models are still available. You can treat yourself without breaking the bank. Here are a few more ways used cars have all the upsides:

  • You’re going to save big. There’s no doubt about it—when it comes to saving money, you’re going to make it happen when you go used. It’s been said that a car can lose thousands of dollars in value simply by driving it off the parking lot, and that’s true. There’s a price attached to the idea of being the first one behind the wheel. However, remember that almost no “new” car is actually new. They usually have a few miles on them from being transported to the dealership lot or taken on test runs. In some cases, you can find a used car with lower miles than its new counterpart. Miles do matter, but less and less with late model vehicles. Why pay a surcharge just to say it’s new?
  • You’ll still get a lot of the warranties. New car owners often say one of the biggest perks is getting all of those warranties that come with a new vehicle. That’s certainly a plus, but a car doesn’t need to be new to have warranties. They’re usually based on how old the car is or how many miles they have. Both of these are within your control. A used vehicle can be less than a year old and have only a few miles on it. The warranty argument for a new car just doesn’t hold up.
  • You might help the environment. The demand for new cars means there’s a demand to continually have them manufactured. In addition to the manufacturing of a vehicle, the actual transportation of a new vehicle can do a number on the environment—especially when they’re from overseas. Buying used means lightening your carbon footprint. You can feel good about yourself by going green, and tack on a little more when you buy a hybrid or eco-friendly vehicle.
  • You’ll have more choices. There are only so many new vehicles available every year. Car manufacturers change specs and options annually. Maybe you want a certain classic ride that’s always been a dream machine for you. Perhaps you prefer the options available in last years model. Used always means more options whether it’s color, specs, or a particular model. It far surpasses the perceived perks of a new vehicle.
  • You can still get that new car smell. The new car scent is a solid argument, and there’s something about it that screams luxury. But what is it? New paint and sometimes fresh-smelling leather. Both of these can be replicated, or you can get the real deal with a paint job and interior detailing. New paint is what makes up the bulk of the new car smell, and with all the money you save it can be a future treat.

Used vehicles are more affordable, give you more options, and are just as safe and eco-friendly as their new counterparts. Give them a test drive, and you’ll quickly be convinced.


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