4 must-know secrets to prevent hair thinning

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Noticing that your hair is getting thinner can prove to be a disastrous moment for any woman. What was once a thick bunch of hair is now reduced to a handful. Fortunately, you can prevent that from happening. Poor quality of water, stress, and increasing pollution levels contribute to hair thinning. But these are things that you can’t control.

On the other hand, nutritional deficiencies, poor hair care, hormonal imbalances, and a sedentary lifestyle can also lead to hair thinning. While these are controllable, you need to pay attention to a few more things if you want to prevent your hair from thinning down fast. Here are a few secrets revealed by hair care experts that you can try at home:

  1. Hair growth spray

Using a nutrient-rich hair growth spray can do wonders for your hair. It has multiple benefits: first of all, it reduces hair loss. Secondly, it rejuvenates your hair follicles, thus helping in producing longer and stronger hair. Thirdly, its botanical ingredients stimulate regrowth. That means the spray not only prevents hair thinning but also ensures hair growth.

  1. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a godsend for your hair. It contains proteolytic enzymes that repair the dead cells on your scalp. Aloe vera also stimulates dormant hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. Additionally, it reduces dandruff and makes your hair smooth and shiny.

Take a knife and slice an aloe vera leaf. Scoop two tablespoons of aloe vera gel from the leaf and whisk it in a bowl. It should have a smooth consistency. Some people mix this gel with hair oil. You can skip it. Massage the gel on your scalp slowly with your fingertips. Allow the gel to rest for 20 minutes. Next, rinse with lukewarm water. This technique can increase hair volume significantly within a few months.

  1. Egg and olive oil

Eggs have many nutrients like vitamin B12, omega-6 fatty acids, zinc, iron, and proteins. These are ideal for hair thickness and hair growth.

You need to take an egg in a bowl and mix a tablespoon of olive oil with it. Whisk the mixture properly until it becomes smooth and consistent. Next, apply this mixture to your scalp and hair with your fingertips. Let the mixture rest for approximately 30 minutes. Finally, use cool water and shampoo to rinse your hair.

  1. Indian gooseberry and lime juice

Indian gooseberry or amla is rich in amino acids, antioxidants, nutrients, minerals, and vitamin C. This nutrient-dense ingredient fights against all the factors that lead to hair thinning.

You should take two tablespoons of lime juice and two tablespoons of amla powder. Mix them to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste to your scalp. Make sure it reaches the tips and roots. Let it dry. Use shampoo and cool water to rinse the paste off. You can also use a conditioner to make your hair smooth and shiny.

While many women spend thousands of bucks to buy hair care products, you can think twice before spending that much money. Instead, try these cost-effective tricks for a change and see how they prevent hair thinning.

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