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Moving forward toward a solution to the Downtown Wall issue

Feb. 27-March 1

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A chance for us Dems to gain traction

Saving Gabe, Part II

Thursday, Feb. 26, 2009

AFP, ND editor named GM of Waynesboro Generals

Big Read to kick off tomorrow

Supes duped by legal jargon

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Sanford D. Horn | D.C. – First in War, First in Peace, Never in Congress

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Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2009

Carly at the Movies | ‘I want to thank all the little people …’

Monday, Feb. 23, 2009

Signer shares vision for LG job

Jim Bishop | Where you sit may partly determine where you stand

Haresh Daswani | Personal India experience

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Katherine Smith | Predatory dangers

Friday, Feb. 20-Sunday, Feb. 22, 2009

News Virginian latest to furlough employees

‘Radio Hour’ returns to Waynesboro Friday night

Thursday, Feb. 19, 2009

Artisans Center to announce temporary closing

Videocast | Friday Night Hoops

Live Blog | UVa. vs. Virginia Tech

Don’t spin on me

The future of the CCCA

Augusta County ’09 reassessment

The $700 billion-plus stimulus

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Attorney threatening legal action regarding petitions, assessment worksheets