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The choice is yours: You can change Waynesboro on May 3

Waynesboro leaders don’t want to do anything about the city’s dilapidated high school, or anything to bring jobs to the city, or fix our failing infrastructure.

In search of a leader on development

I give the News Virginian hell often enough that it is only fair of me to give kudos to the paper when deserved, and it’s deserved in the matter of the call in a Wednesday editorial for somebody on Waynesboro City Council to step forward and take the lead on downtown. I’ll take their call […]

Fear and Loathing | No offense to them, but we didn’t elect Mike Hamp and Pat Nicosia

It’s going to be a tough budget year. We can all agree on that. So … who do you want making the tough choices about spending priorities? “I have a lot of faith and trust that you and staff can come up with a budget that we can live with,” Vice Mayor Frank Lucente said, […]

The Grinch That Stole Christmas (Eve)

“I don’t want to be the Grinch That Stole Christmas,” City Councilman Bruce Allen said Monday night, as he proceeded to Grinchily steal Christmas Eve from city employees. On the table was a proposal from Councilwoman Nancy Dowdy to give city employees a half-day off on Christmas Eve, which this year falls midweek on a […]

Videocast | City leaders discuss fee increases

Waynesboro City Council is moving forward with its consideration of proposed fee increases related to the provision of city water, sewer and refuse-collection services following a brief Monday-night public hearing in City Hall. AFP editor Chris Graham reporting. Length: 2:35.

City leaders come together, look to future

“What are you doing, Bruce? Are you daydreaming?” Waynesboro Vice Mayor Frank Lucente asked City Councilman Bruce Allen during a break in Friday’s City Council planning session as Allen gazed out a window from the council chambers in the Charles T. Yancey Municipal Building toward the corner of Main Street and Wayne Avenue. “Thinking,” Allen […]