Mike London press conference

University of Virginia football coach Mike London took questions from members of the news media on Monday.

UVa. will kick off its 2010 season on Saturday against Richmond.

Q. Going into every season, you know what your team can do and whatever, a new team, getting to know them, but how do you gauge your expectations and what do you expect?

COACH LONDON: You always want to assess a player’s abilities.  You want to take your schemes that you have to match those abilities to maybe find players that can you hope exceed your expectations.  I think the early part of training camp as we have gotten into going into game week, and we have some idea about, you know, those individuals or those schemes, those things, that you think maybe would help us, and you know, with this team, everybody wants to do well.  No one wants to perform poorly.  You know, you’re going to have to play much better than what we have done in the past and then you give yourself a chance.  That’s what the camp has been about and that’s what going into this week is about.

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