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Chris Graham: The Smile and Smooch Cam and same sex uncomfortableness

It’s hard to imagine at UVa., where the student section still yells “Not gay!” at a key moment of the school song, right after the words, “We come from Old Virginia, where all is bright and gay,” that our Smile and Smooch Cam will anytime soon feature an actual same sex couple.

Daily Rant | Keep Stuttering, Creigh

BET cofounder Sheila Johnson raised issue with Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds’ propensity to stumble over words from time to time. AFP editor Chris Graham is among those who stumbles over his words from time to time. (He claims it’s his brain engaging faster than his mouth can keep up with.) Chris identifies with […]

Johnson mocks Deeds’ speech issues at McDonnell rally

“We need someone who can really communicate. And Bob McDonnell can communicate,” said Johnson, a prominent former Democrat who jumped ship earlier this year to endorse Bob McDonnell for governor over Democrat Creigh Deeds, a Bath County state senator who is known for occasionally tripping over his words in speeches and private conversations. That’s important […]