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robert hurt

Robert Hurt: Energy independence, create Jobs with the Keystone XL Pipeline

The Keystone XL Pipeline is a key piece of an all-of-the-above energy strategy aimed at reducing our dependence on foreign sources of energy and giving Americans more affordable domestic energy choices.


AAA: Gas prices push past summer 2013 peak price

Less than a week before the May 1 deadline to switchover to summer gas, prices continue to climb within the forecasted spring gas price peak range of $3.55 to $3.75 per gallon made by AAA at the beginning of the year.

virginia farm bureau

Survey: Americans paying more for bacon, eggs, toast

Higher retail prices for several food items used to prepare breakfast, including bacon, eggs and bread, resulted in a slight increase in the American Farm Bureau Federation’s latest Semi-Annual Marketbasket Survey.


AAA: Gas prices spring up this week

The national average for a gallon of gas continues to edge higher, although it remains at the low-end of AAA’s forecast to begin the year.


AAA: March gas prices lowest since 2010

Gas prices may have inched up again this week, but this year there is less madness at the pumps. Drivers across the country paid the lowest for fuel in March than they have since 2010.

Dinner Diva: Time to get rid of the winter grime!

Winter is over, and the days are getting longer, y’all! And you know what that means? It’s just about time to get those gardens in, the patio furniture out, and to tackle that spring cleaning.

Shenandoah Valley Art Center: April 2014 calendar

The Shenandoah Valley Art Center, during the month of April, is featuring the artwork of Kaleb Gay, a self-taught artist who lives and works in Lynchburg.


AAA: Gas prices continue to rise

March gas prices are going out just as they in roared – like a lion. The national average price at the pump rose to $3.54 per gallon Friday, a penny above week ago prices, and 11 cents more expensive than one month ago.


March Madness: Gas prices soar to six-month high

It’s been March Madness at the gas pump of late, as prices soared to their highest price point in six months. The national average price at the pump rose to $3.53 per gallon Friday, two cents above week ago prices, and 15 cents more expensive than one month ago.


AAA: Gas prices continue to climb

Gas prices at the pump continue to climb upward during an annual upswing motorists have come to expect. The national gas price average topped $3.50 per gallon on Thursday for the first time in nearly six months.

Dinner Diva: Focus on what you CAN have

When people first hear the Dinner Diva’s gone Paleo, they almost always say the same thing: Oh I know this Paleo diet is supposed to be healthy, but I could never give up [bread/potatoes/pasta/corn/dairy/etc.].

randy forbes

Randy Forbes: Some relief in heat energy costs

In October of 2013, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that 90% of homes were expected to have higher heating costs this winter as compared to last year.

AAA: Gas prices spring forward

Prices at the gas pump continue to spring forward across the country. The national average price at the pump rose to $3.48 per gallon Friday, three cents higher than a week ago, 21 cents more than one month ago, however 24 cents below the same date last year.

Earth Talk: Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology (or “synbio”) refers to the design and fabrication of novel biological parts, devices and systems that do not otherwise occur in nature. Many see it as an extreme version of genetic engineering (GE). But unlike GE, whereby genetic information with certain desirable traits is inserted from one organism into another, synbio uses computers and chemicals to create entirely new organisms.

Earth Talk: Dirty fuels

The term dirty fuels refers to fuels derived from tar sands, oil shale or liquid coal. Just like their more conventional fossil fuel counterparts such as petroleum and coal, they can be turned into gasoline, diesel and other energy sources that can generate extreme amounts of particulate pollution, carbon emissions and ecosystem destruction during their lifecycles from production to consumption.


AAA: Gas prices begin seasonal uptick

After several weeks of holding relatively steady, gas prices begun to feel the effects of seasonal factors, primarily scheduled refinery maintenance. The national average price at the pump rose to $3.34 per gallon Friday, seven cents higher than a week ago.

Silent auction planned in Staunton as tribute to Black History Month

A silent action has being organized which will act as a tribute to Black History Month. The event will feature art by local and non local artists. Artwork to include water color and oil paintings, collages, drawings, and photography.


AAA: Gas prices hikes on the horizon?

In recent years, gas prices have trended higher to start the year, however cold temperatures across much of the country have led to weak demand and kept prices flat to begin 2014.

Film Screening in Harrisonburg: Gasland II

Wild Virginia is excited to host a special, free screening of Gasland II in Harrisonburg.

Dinner Diva: Get food on the table quick with a pressure cooker

Ever come across a recipe that you have all of the ingredients for, but you’re lacking in the hours of cooking time it requires? (This always happens in that precious hour you have before supper is due to be ready, doesn’t it?) Enter the pressure cooker.


Analysis: Gas prices on way back up?

Gas prices continue to trend slightly lower throughout much of the Mid-Atlantic region, this as Old Man Winter continues his arctic grip on the region.

Keystone pipeline on track for rejection?

The State Department on Friday released its final Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. The report release begins a critical final stage where Secretary Kerry will provide a final recommendation to President Obama based on this report.

Dinner Diva: One of nature’s perfect snacks-macadamia nuts

Just like eggs, coconuts and avocados, macadamia nuts have gotten a bit of a bad rep over the years due to their high fat content. As we now know, however, all of these foods (eggs, coconuts, avocados and nuts) are very nutritious, and the fat they contain is monounsaturated fat, the kind that’s actually beneficial to our bodies.


AAA: Gas prices dip in Mid-Atlantic

Extreme cold temperatures, several inches of snow, gas prices and demand all have fallen in the past week throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Dixie Gas & Oil makes $1,000 donation to Augusta County Fair

Dixie Gas & Oil Corporation is supporting the Augusta County Fair through BP’s Fueling Communities Program with a grant donation of $1,000.


AAA: Gas prices trending slightly downward

As much of the nation was gripped by the deep freeze of the polar vortex, gas prices moved slightly downward for six straight days (through Thursday). Today’s national average price at the pump is $3.31 per gallon.


AAA offers tips for motorists in extreme cold weather

With temperatures expected to drop rapidly from the warmth of 60 degree weather for today’s early birds to below freezing for this evening’s night owls , AAA calls on motorists to take preventive measures and be ready for the unexpected.


AAA: Motorists ring in New Year with record-high gas prices

Motorists rang in 2014 paying the highest price for gasoline on record for New Year’s Day ($3.32), marking the fifth consecutive January 1 that Americans have paid more at the pump than the year prior and the fourth straight year with a new record to start the year.

Dixie Gas & Oil makes donation to Blue Ridge Area Food Bank

Dixie Gas & Oil Corporation is proud to support the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank through BP’s Fueling Communities Program with a grant donation of $1,500. The grant will help the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank alleviate hunger in western and central Virginia. The Food Bank provides nutritious food to more than 113,000 people each month.


AAA: Gas prices jump double digits in some parts of Virginia

Gas prices climbed by double-digits in Richmond and the Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia areas over the last week, leaving a lump of coal in motorists’ stockings over the holiday. The average price of a gallon of gasoline in Richmond rose to $3.22 per gallon when just last week it was $3.10 per gallon.

Dinner Diva: Non-traditional meals for Christmas leftovers

If you have Christmas dinner leftovers in your refrigerator, I’m going to give you some of my family’s recipes to help use them up in the absolute most delicious ways.


Gas prices fall to nearly three-year low

The national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas was $3.20 a gallon on Friday, the lowest price at the gas pump since February 2011, according to AAA. Gas prices continue their downward trek that started around Labor Day. Since Sept. 1, prices have dropped 39 cents per gallon, and have fallen 65 of the 75 days in that span.

Dinner Diva: Thanksgiving, Paleo Style

Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away, so it’s not too early to start thinking about the menu. If you’ve taken our 30 Day Paleo Challenge lately, you might be wondering how you’ll survive this food-focused holiday without your non-Paleo favorites, but have no fear!


Report: Gas prices down seven cents this week

The national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline went down seven cents in the past week. The average price for regular unleaded gas, according to AAA, was $3.21 on Friday, down from $3.28 a week ago and down 14 cents from the $3.35 a gallon that was the national average a month ago.


Fall back, indeed: Gas prices continue drop

Gas prices dropped 11 cents nationally in the month of October, four cents in the past week. This from AAA, which says that the national average for a price of regular unleaded gasoline was at $3.28 a gallon on Friday, the lowest prices of 2013. That’s 31 cents lower than the $3.59 a gallon average on Sept. 1.

Chris Graham: Back to Kenya, indeed, Cruz Pere and Fils

So you’ve heard that Rafael Cruz, also known as the father of Ted Cruz, the Tea Party favorite, said at a 2012 political event that “we need to send Barack Obama back to Chicago, back to Kenya.” Oooh, yeah. Ouch. Bad news for Cruz, right? (Well, considering what else he does to get attention, actually this is pretty tame. Just play along.)

Dinner Diva: Enough with the nuggets!

There’ve been several articles making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter lately, giving people a look inside a chicken nugget. Spoiler alert: it’s gross. It might not come as much of a surprise to you, but inside those fast-food chicken nuggets, there isn’t a whole lot of actual chicken.


AAA: Gas prices continue steady decline

Gas prices continued their decline closer to the $3.00 a gallon mark this week, supported by declining crude oil prices.


AAA: Gas prices continue to fall

Gas prices continue on a steady downward trend in some parts of the state, and are basically holding steady nationwide.

Earth Talk: Concerns over essential oils

Essential oils are more popular than ever for medicinal and therapeutic purposes as well as in fragrances and flavorings for food and drinks.


AAA: Gas prices continue to drop

Gas prices across the country and across Virginia continue to drop, with the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded at $3.35 a gallon, and prices in some locales in Virginia nearing the $3-a-gallon mark.

Ear Wax Basics: Excessive Ear Wax Can Actually Impact Your Hearing

The canals in our ears are covered with hair follicles as well as glands that produce an oily wax known as cerumen, or ear wax.


AAA: Gas prices fall as fall arrives

Gas prices, like autumn leaves, have been falling for the past few weeks. The downward trend is welcome news to motorists who have settled into their post-summer driving routines.

New website helps citizens protect national forests from fracking

Citizen groups debuted a new website this week that will educate the public about the impacts of oil and gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing on National Forests in the eastern U.S. and provide them with tools to evaluate and challenge drilling and fracking proposals.

Kaine: ‘All of the above’ on energy

The black-white debate on energy production between Republicans and Democrats generally speaking comes down to the merits of oil production vs. clean energy. It doesn’t have to be an either-or proposition, though. “We need to use every domestic source that we have. But I think we ought to be preparing for a long-term shift toward […]