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Jim Ross returns to wrestling: Calling Global Force Wrestling pay-per-view

Legendary WWE and WCW play-by-play announcer Jim Ross is returning to pro wrestling. Global Force Wrestling announced today that Ross will provide play-by-play for the Wrestle Kingdom 9 pay-per-view that will air live on Jan. 4, 2015.

Jim Ross gets us thinking: CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31?

With Roman Reigns on the shelf following surgery, WWE world champ Brock Lesnar needs an opponent for WrestleMania 31. Jim Ross blogged this week on an intriguing possible fill-in for Reigns: CM Punk.

Spur of the moment: How late was decision made to end Undertaker Streak?

Interesting discussion between Jim Ross and Shawn Michaels on the latest Ross Report about The Undertaker and the end of The Streak – shedding new light on how long WWE was planning to have Brock Lesnar end The Streak at WrestleMania 30.

Bray Wyatt, The Shield blurring the lines between wrestling babyface, heel

Jim Ross can’t understand why WWE heel Bray Wyatt had the audience singing along with him at the end of Monday Night Raw after the Wyatt Family’s handicap match against John Cena.

Jim Ross: Daniel Bryan-Triple H story is ‘gold’

The buildup to the Daniel Bryan-Triple H match at WrestleMania 30 is “gold,” former WWE vice president of talent relations Jim Ross wrote today on his blog.

Jim Ross on Roman Reigns: WWE champ by WrestleMania 31

Quite a few people think that the sky is the limit for Roman Reigns in WWE. Jim Ross may be Reigns’ biggest booster. “If I had to pick an early favorite to either be the WWE World Champion at WM31 or to win the title there, it would be Reigns,” Ross wrote on his blog […]

Jim Ross: NFL execs “hypocritical” on Michael Sam

Jim Ross took a principled stand on the chatter from unnamed NFL executives who are suggesting that All-American defensive end Michael Sam made a mistake in going public this week that he is gay. “It is SO hypocritical of how some @NFL types are addressing the Michael Sam matter of him declaring that he is […]

Jim Ross: Is Kurt Angle returning to WWE?

Jim Ross sees Kurt Angle following through on his recent comments about wanting to return to WWE. But Ross, the former head of talent relations in WWE, doesn’t think it will be automatic that the oft-injured Olympic wrestling gold medalist will be given medical clearance by the company. “I’d surmise that for Kurt to return […]

Jim Ross: CM Punk is “burned out”

Jim Ross wrote today on his blog that he has not been in contact with CM Punk, who Ross helped bring to WWE back in his talent-relations days in the WWE office. “I’ve not reached (out) to one of my all time favorite wrestlers out in respect for his privacy,” Ross blogged. JR advised fans […]

Jim Ross dishes on Ric Flair, departure from WWE

Jim Ross was as surprised as anybody that he had heat after the pre-SummerSlam symposium with Ric Flair that got out of control because of Flair’s’ behavior at the symposium. But when it became clear that WWE was intent on punishing Ross for not taking control of the event, he felt an odd sense of […]

Jim Ross: Daniel Bryan “back in the hunt”

Fans of Daniel Bryan who have made their frustrations about a lack of push from the WWE office should feel pretty good after Monday Night Raw, according to Jim Ross. “At the end of the night considering where Daniel Bryan was positioned and who he was wrestling, I’d surmise that DB is back in the […]

Jim Ross: Why would Brock Lesnar want to return to UFC?

Dana White started it, and Alistair Overeem stepped it up, calling out former UFC heavyweight champion brock lesnar after UFC 169. There’s a lot of talk about Lesnar returning to the octagon. Jim Ross doesn’t see it happening. “I can see why brock lesnar would love to fight in the UFC again because he’s a […]

Jim Ross: Has CM Punk wrestled his last match in WWE?

WWE should have recognized that CM Punk was fraying around the edges, says Jim Ross. But either nobody saw what happened with Punk leaving coming, or did nothing to stop it from happening, and now we are where we are. But does that mean that Punk, who walked out on Monday Night Raw hours before […]

Jim Ross: Daniel Bryan fans need to be patient

Daniel Bryan has never been more over, but Jim Ross doesn’t think the DB Train is about to pull into the station just yet. “I am a firm believer that great talents cannot be suppressed permanently and that there is a method to what is perceived to be the madness that is ongoing,” Ross wrote […]

Jim Ross: Royal Rumble picks

Jim Ross shares his Royal Rumble predictions on his blog. Brock Lesnar-Big Show: Lesnar. “It’s feeling more and more like it could be a Lesnar vs. Undertaker showdown at WM30 in NOLA,” Ross says. CM Punk in the Rumble: “I’d love to see CM Punk go coast to coast while entering #1 in the Rumble […]

Do you agree with Jim Ross that Batista is favorite to win Royal Rumble?

Jim Ross is known for cutting to the chase. Who does he have winning the Royal Rumble on Sunday? “Batista is my favorite to win the Rumble Match this Sunday in Pittsburgh on PPV. One could assume that a major talent like Batista will have a huge role in NOLA at WM30,” Ross wrote on his […]

Jim Ross Update: Is he planning to do a shoot interview?

Jim Ross does get offers to do shoot interview videos, as you might expect, given his years in the business, and the access to the seat of power that he has had for more than three decades. So, is he going to do a shoot? The short answer, according to a blog he posted yesterday: […]

Jim Ross news: Close to signing deal with Fox Sports, WWE documentary

Jim Ross wrote on his blog today that he is close to signing a deal with Fox Sports, and hopes to finalize the contract next week. “Fox provides an amazing platform for creative work and for the many projects that I am working on during the most unretired time of my life,” Ross wrote. “Fox has some potentially, […]

Jim Ross news: Close to signing deal with Fox Sports, WWE documentary

Jim Ross wrote on his blog today that he is close to signing a deal with Fox Sports, and hopes to finalize the contract next week.

More from Jim Ross: 2014 a big year for WWE, TNA on TV

This year will be a “giant year” in the wrestling business with the negotiation of TV rights fees for both WWE and TNA. Both need basic cable to survive, wrote Jim Ross on a blog today, but both come to the big year in TV rights deals from different positions of power. Ross sees WWE […]

Jim Ross: Maybe WWE creative can learn from classics on new WWE Network

The WWE Network can’t just be about classic wrestling, but the tape libraries that WWE has been building up since the 1990s will form an important block of programming on the new network. A benefit to the company would be the current creative team learning from what worked in the past, according to Jim Ross, […]

Jim Ross on Brock Lesnar: ‘Little traction’ toward WM 30

If you thought the segment with brock lesnar on WWE Monday Night Raw made little to no sense, you weren’t alone. “For anyone to think that Lesnar is as hot right how as he needs to be isn’t looking at Brock through honest eyes,” WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross wrote on his blog today. The […]

More from Jim Ross: WWE creative has to ‘hit it out of the park’ with Daniel Bryan

On Saturday, Jim Ross was chastising fans and writers who were raising issue with the curious move by WWE creative to turn daniel bryan heel and put him up as a member of the Wyatt Family. Now JR seems to be coming around to the critics. “I’ve never seen a talent over the last few years […]

Jim Ross: Not involved in any talks about a new promotion with Toby Keith

That speculation about Jim Ross joining forces with Toby Keith and Jeff Jarrett to start a new wrestling promotion – we can quash that one. “I have not had any conversations with anyone about starting a ‘new’ pro wrestling promotion,” Ross wrote on his blog today. Ross said he hasn’t spoken with Jeff Jarrett since […]

A new promotion involving Toby Keith, Jeff Jarrett and … Jim Ross?

Two bits of news last week, seemingly unrelated, maybe still unrelated, but more on that in a minute. First, to the two bits of news. One, that Toby Keith was leading a group negotiating with Panda Energy to buy TNA. Two, that Jim Ross had a meeting with a “major sports concern,” and that whatever […]

Jim Ross at Old School Raw?

Jim Ross wrote on his blog today that he will not be a part of the Old School Raw coming up on Monday night. “Been asked many times on Twitter @JRsBBQ and via Q&A’s here whether I will be a part of this Monday’s Old School Raw in Baltimore. I will not. I do plan […]