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Golf pro John Rogers online with new website from Augusta Free Press

Lakeview Golf Club golf pro John Rogers has a new website online produced by Augusta Free Press. The site highlights Rogers’ work at Lakeview, located in Harrisonburg, and his instructional tips for golfers from his long-running golf column, Golf Things Considered.

The whole truth, and nothing but the truth

A review of Jim Hardy’s The Plane Truth for Golfers Column by John Rogers www.golfthingsconsidered.net One of the many funny things about golfers is that we tend to bring religious conviction to our swing techniques. “Thou shalt not let thine elbow fly!” and a million other rules come down from the mountaintops of golf wisdom. […]

Golf Things Considered | Putting in persective

The often-neglected key to good golf Column by John Rogers The putting stroke is the simplest of the swings we use in the game of golf, and it probably should be the starting point, the foundation on which a golfer builds his game. It is also true that the target in putting is a sassy, […]

Golf Things Considered | Are your golf clubs too long? Even if you seek distance, it might be true

There is a good chance that your golf clubs are too long. Over the past twenty years, golf club manufacturers have been making clubs stronger (meaning they have less loft on the face), and longer so that they can sell hopeful golfers the newest “hot” weapon that will knock the ball unimaginable distances. But when […]

Golf Things Considered | Avoid the punch and jump combination

Many golfers suffer from the tendency to “peek,” “look up early,” “pick up the head,” or to “come out” of their shot, meaning their posture changes before they make contact with the ball. Most of the time this tendency results in a frustrating, “thin,” worm-burner of a golf shot when the club hits high on […]