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Crowdsourced Civil War-era digital archive helps interpret the past, present via Fourth of July

For many Americans celebrating the Fourth of July holiday translates to engaging in lighthearted festivities.

virginia trucking association

Professional truck drivers offer 4th of July safe driving tips

The Virginia Trucking Association offers tips urging to travelers to focus on safe driving habits throughout the busy holiday weekend.

Virginia State Police: Celebrate the Fourth, but celebrate responsibly

To ensure the Fourth of July holiday is as safe as possible, Virginia State Police will increase patrols during the long holiday weekend.

Fourth of July forecast: Will the weather threaten barbecues, fireworks?

AccuWeather reports rain and thunderstorms will threaten parades, barbecues and fireworks displays across portions of the central and eastern United States on Independence Day.

virginia trucking association

Professional truck drivers encourage safe driving this Fourth of July weekend

The Virginia Trucking Association is turning attention to highway safety in anticipation of a busy Fourth of July holiday.

Ring in the Fourth at Barren Ridge Vineyards

The Barren Ridge Vineyards annual celebration of American independence, barbecue, and wine is right around the corner.

Bob Goodlatte: Celebrate independence

When our Founding Fathers signed their names to the Declaration of Independence, they could not have known how this experiment in self-government would unfold. What they were confident of, however, is that liberty is an inherent, God-given right, not one granted by any form of government.

Angela Lynn: The flag we wave

Growing up as a military brat, I went to many Fourth of July picnics and fireworks displays on Air Force bases across the county. They never disappointed. There was the traditional patriotic music, food, and flags that fluttered in the breeze. The day was full of events that wives, mothers, and staff took weeks to plan.

Firefighters urge caution near fireworks on Independence Day

Independence Day, unfortunately, is one of the busiest days of the year for firefighters. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), more fires are reported on the Fourth of July than on any other day of the year, and two out of five are fireworks-related incidents.

Beware of food risks on the Fourth

Traffic accidents or burns from fireworks may not be the greatest risk you’ll face on the 4th of July. Your biggest enemy could be the food you consume if you don’t handle, prepare and store it safely. Warm weather is a contributing factor, and sanitation can be tricky away from your own kitchen.

Sanford D. Horn: Happy Birthday to U.S.

“The Declaration of Independence [is the] declaratory charter of our rights, and the rights of man.” – Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826); Founding Father; credited author of said document and third American president. A housekeeping note – I dislike the expression “happy fourth of July.” Happy Independence Day is the correct expression or happy birthday America is […]

Dave Randall | What the Fourth means

July 4th – our day of celebration of independence began back on June 11, 1776 at the Second Continental Congress held in Philadelphia. They gathered there to draft a document that would live in history. The final version of the document was officially adopted on July 4, 1776, and was distributed by the Pennsylvania Evening […]

Jim Bishop | Reflections on the Fourth of July – Then and Now

For many, the Fourth of July, the declaration of the United States’ independence from Mother England, means a day off work, a time for picnics, music festivals, fireworks displays. This time each year always triggers fond memories of childhood gatherings at Doc Brenneman’s farmstead near Doylestown, Pa., with other families from my home congregation. Weather […]

Photocast: W., Code Pink and more at Monticello

Photos by Mike Hodge

Travel expected to dip for Fourth

Item by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net Less of us will be traveling for the Fourth. That’s according to AAA, which is projecting a 1.3 percent decrease in the number of Americans hitting the roads for the long holiday weekend. Even so, more than 40 million Americans will be out and about next weekend, record-high gas prices […]