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Viewpoints examines concussions in youth sports

Viewpoints explores research into the impact of sports-related concussions on young athletes.

VCU Health

VCU School of Medicine physician edits Brain Injury journal on concussion research

A special edition of the journal Brain Injury that publishes Nov. 11 summarizes the latest research on combat-related concussions and their outcomes.

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VCU hosts Facebook Live chat with concussion expert on Wednesday

With high school sports season underway, concerns about concussions are once again top of mind for many athletes and parents.

VCU physician calls for increased research for concussion treatment

Increased research and clinical funding is necessary to better understand the epidemiology of concussions and improve treatment following injury.

VCU Health

VCU hosts Twitter chat with traumatic brain injury expert on Wednesday

Virginia Commonwealth University will host a Twitter chat with traumatic brain injury expert Alex Valadka, M.D., on March 30.

UVA study: Duration of concussion symptoms as significant as severity

Sports concussions continue to garner attention and the conversation will continue over the holidays with the release of the new feature film, “Concussion.”

UVA college football head impact study suggests steps to reduce risk

Despite growing concerns about concussions, the NCAA has not regulated full-contact football practices, arguing that there’s insufficient data available about head impacts.

Colin Cowherd: Concussions are better than knee injuries

Resident tight end moron Rob Gronkowski said this week that he’d rather suffer a concussion than a torn ACL, so resident ESPN talking head moron Colin Cowherd naturally had to agree.