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The FlyLady | Pampering yourself can save you money


Do you ever have one of those days when you just seem to be cursed? When adrenaline starts pumping through our veins for some reason our brains quit functioning? This is why we have so many accidents when we are in a hurry. I want you to think about the last time you got injured or something bad happened to you. Were you rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off? 

The adrenalin has us wired and before we know it we have stumped a toe, tripped and fell or worse yet had a car accident. There is no excuse for rushing. What good does it do us to get in a hurry? Being in a hurry doesn’t get us there any faster; it just makes our lives miserable, the people around us miserable and sets us up to have an accident. Just taking a simple babystep to stop this vicious cycle will help you to slow down and quit hurrying.

When you catch yourself feeling rushed, take a few seconds to breathe and stop yourself from feeding that urge to hurry. As your look hard at what propelled you into this hurried way of living, I want you to see that it was all because of procrastination on your part. When you stop hurrying, you may actually get somewhere on time!

Stop rushing to put out the fires of procrastination. Quit allowing yourself the option of doing it later. We all know that those “laters” build up to “hurrying to try to catch up”! You can do this! One babystep at a time. Starting with going to bed at a decent hour so you can get up in plenty of time to get ready!

A dear friend of mine had an accident the other day. She has two speeds: Fast and Faster! As a result of that adrenaline, she broke a fingernail. This was not any mere break; the nail was pulled away from the nail bed. I cringe just thinking about it. There has been something wonderful to come out of this accident. She has had to go to the beauty shop twice a week to get her hair washed and dried. This takes an hour out of her day.

She admitted to me that was one of the only times she can sit and relax. Then she told me that it has actually saved her money. Now I didn’t quite understand this till she told me that while she was sitting in the salon chair having her hair washed and dried; she was not out shopping. You know how it is if you walk into a store without a list. You end up spending $50 that was not planned. There goes your budget. We are tempted by the sales for things or groceries we really don’t need. It all begins to add up. She said with less time to shop she was staying out of the stores.

Who knew that taking a few minutes for yourself could save you money? We don’t have to have an accident to learn this lesson. Slow down and smell the roses! Pampering yourself can save you money!


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