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Satisfaction … or something else entirely? Candidates muse on underwhelming 2004 campaign


Story by Chris Graham

So it’s quiet on the Waynesboro election front.

No candidate forums are on the schedule.

City residents generally don’t seem to be paying attention.

But …

That doesn’t have to be bad news.

Does it?

City Councilman Tom Reynolds, who is running for a second term representing Ward B, said he would like to believe that the relative calm with regard to the ’04 race has to do with “people feeling good about the status quo.”

“I’d like to think that the citizens feel good about the direction that we’re taking,” Reynolds told The Augusta Free Press.

“I hope it’s because people feel that there’s so much positive going on in Waynesboro that they don’t want to change the course,” Reynolds said.

“Time will tell there, of course,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds’ opponent in the Ward B race, Howard Monroe, said he doesn’t believe that the election has been quiet because people are anything near feeling satisfied.

“There are too many issues that are debatable, and they all revolve around the lack of trust that citizens have for city hall,” Monroe told the AFP.

“I’m not saying that as a candidate. I’m saying that as a citizen,” Monroe said.

“People here don’t trust the city to do what is right. Everybody can see that that’s true. I’m just going to keep bringing the message up that we need to wake up and do something about it,” Monroe said.

At-large candidate DuBose Egleston also challenged Reynolds’ premise.

“I don’t think it’s because people are satisfied,” Egleston told the AFP.

“I think it’s more because of a lack of confidence that their opinions will be heard,” Egleston said.

“People are very dissatisfied with city council and coming to the meetings and being told thank you and not feeling like anybody has listened to what they had to say. So why voice your opinion?” Egleston said.



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