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Referendum mess, Saxman and the Senate, let it snow


Winners and Losers column by Chris Graham
[email protected]

LOSERS: Waynesboro government
How much more can you screw an election up than they did here in the River City?
Well, you could forget to advertise it in the local paper – whatever that is supposed to be worth in this day and age of newspaper readership.
That would be one way to start.
Then you could have officials telling people that the referendum was nonbinding – when maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t.
Ugh …
And then you could have a city-council member threatening to vote against the projects approved by voters on the basis of these flimsy reasons.
Double ugh.

PUSH: Chris Saxman drops Senate bid
I think ultimately Saxman will come out a winner on his aborted look at a run for the Senate GOP nomination, but …
The fact remains that he took something of a beating in comments made to the news media by Republicans who wondered what all the hubbub was about.
Personally, I see Saxman as a major player in Virginia Republican politics in the years to come. Maybe the critics who uncovered themselves in the last couple of weeks will come around.

LOSERS: Global-warming activists
It’s a minor loss, but I woke up this morning to snow on Dec. 5.
For it not even being winter yet, that’s something worth pointing out.
You know, and that we don’t live in Minnesota, but rather in the South.



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