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Farmers share production practices in video series


farm-droughtThe Internet is a boundless source of information on how things are done. Now some U.S. farmers are sharing videos about what they do every day, with the goal of reaching consumers who have questions.

Videos titled How to Milk 1,200 Cows, How to Care for 7,000 Pigs, How to Gather 50,000 Eggs a Day and How to Use Trash to Help Crops Grow have been released by the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance on its website, fooddialogues.com. The “trash” in that crops video title refers to residue from a previous year’s crop, specifically pieces of cornstalks that were left in the field after the corn was harvested.

“What we hope to do, specifically, with this project is to make sure the trust in food production is continuing to grow and that farmers really have the freedom to operate their farms the way that they want to, and to respond to consumer demands that are coming from an informed consumer instead of a consumer who has unrealistic fears about how their food is produced,” said USFRA CEO Randy Krotz.

The USFRA consists of more than 80 farmer- and rancher-led organizations and agricultural partners working to engage in dialogue with consumers who have questions about how food is grown and raised. Virginia Farm Bureau Federation and the American Farm Bureau Federation are alliance members.



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