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5 of the most gruesome truck accidents in the U.S.

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Truck driving is a career like no other. It implies a commitment that few other jobs require. Because it not only provides you with income, as all jobs do but in this case, your job becomes your life and your life is your job. You drive around the country and that is where you live. Your days at home are the exception rather than the rule. That is why, before embarking on this career, many things need to be considered, such as how this will affect you, your family and the life you want to build together.

And if driving a truck is what you do, you have probably witnessed some horrible accidents. Let’s take a look at five of the most gruesome ones:

1.18-wheeler plows into an apartment building in California

Recently, an 18-wheeler traveling on Imperial Highway lost control and without warning swung across several lanes and plowed directly into an apartment building located in the Fullerton area of Los Angeles. Five of its residents were injured and they included a family and their two-year-old toddler. They were sitting at home, never expecting to be hit by a speeding truck.

2. Semi-truck diver kills four in Colorado

In 2019, a semitrailer driver killed four people on a Colorado highway. The crash, which involved cars bursting into flames, encompassed 28 vehicles that were stopped because of a traffic jam. The semitrailer was traveling at an extremely high speed along that road and was unable to stop in time. The driver has been charged with four counts of vehicular homicide. Additionally, six more people were taken to area hospitals.

3. Tractor-trailer hits school bus in Florida

In April of 2018, a semi didn’t stop after taking the exit ramp off I-75 and struck a school bus. As the rear axle was detached, the bus went into a spin and overturned, skidding to a top 50 yards away. Although six students required treatment for their injuries, more serious consequences were avoided because two students were able to kick open the emergency hatch. Because of their quick thinking, all 18 students were able to exit the bus.

4. A trucker is killed in Tennessee

In March of 2020, a truck driver lost his life in Knoxville, shutting down the interstate for several hours. The vehicle was traveling down I-40 East when it lost control. After striking the median it flipped and the driver was immediately killed. The police report mentions that, as the truck flipped, it struck an overhead sign which struck another semi traveling in the opposite direction. Both sides of I-40 had to remain closed for hours until the accident was cleared.

5. Semi-truck takes a terrifying tumble in New Mexico

On January 28, in Las Cruces, New Mexico, cameras were able to capture the petrifying scene when a semi-truck took a tumble off an overpass from I-10 onto the highway below. This happened when the 68-year-old driver lost control of his truck, striking a light pole in the median. He then drove off the interstate overpass and fell onto Avenida de Mesilla below. The police report informs that the driver was taken to the hospital with injuries. Both the interstate and Avenida de Mesilla had to remain closed for several hours until the investigation was completed and the spilled diesel fuel and debris were cleared out.

If you live on the road, here are some safety tips to keep you safe while driving:

  • Never forget to wear your seat belt – statistics show that some 40% of truck drivers and passengers lose their lives in accidents when they are not wearing a seat belt.
  • Don’t look at your phone when you drive – distracted driving is a growing phenomenon responsible for the overall traffic death toll.
  • Don’t drive when you are tired – Freight on the highways is at an all-time high. The potential for accidents increases for this reason.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has seen an increase in truck accidents in recent years. That is why, if truck driving is what you do, you should be very mindful of both your own actions and of those of the drivers around you, whether they drive a car, a small pickup, a motorcycle or a bike. And if you find yourself needing legal help to resolve a truck accident, don’t forget that a trucker’s voice in court can be heard and the result can be in your favor. Contact Truckers Voice In Court and put this nightmare behind you.