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Washington Nationals win in 14

A rain delay and a 14-inning game sent Washington Nationals fans home without the promised postgame fireworks show.


Real Virginia, Northern Virginia, and the New York Yankees: A case study

You hear pols talk from time to time about so-called Real Virginia, the part south and west of what we consider Northern Virginia, the extended D.C. suburbs and exurbs.

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Virginia Tech study shows improved infrastructure in Foggy Bottom could increase cycling

A Virginia Tech research team charged with studying the bicycle infrastructure in the Foggy Bottom-Farragut area of Washington, D.C.

environment climate change

UVA-led project brings greener look to D.C.

Humans are meant to live in nature, even when they live in cities. University of Virginia architecture professor Tim Beatley calls it “biophilia.”


Reforming our end-of-life healthcare system

We are in the midst of a shift in attitudes toward end-of-life healthcare. We are aware that too many suffer needlessly in their dying.

bob mcdonnell

Reversal? Supreme Court seems to be leaning toward McDonnell

The Supreme Court could be leaning toward siding with convicted former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell in his corruption case.

robert hurt

Robert Hurt: National security calls for realism, not idealism

President Obama’s foreign policy fails to address the threats facing the United States and our allies.

tim kaine

Kaine on funding for Appalachian Regional Commission

U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine offered comment on the move in the Senate to cut funding for the Appalachian Regional Commission.

tim kaine

Kaine applauds Senate passage of Energy Policy Modernization Act

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine applauded Senate passage of the bipartisan Energy Policy Modernization Act.

washington nationals

Harper slam pushes Nats to 7-0 win at Miami

Washington broke open a scoreless tie with a seven-run seventh in a 7-0 win at Miami Tuesday night.

mark warner

Warner priorities on airport security, drones, trafficking included in Senate FAA bill

The Senate has voted to approve legislation reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) through 2017.

robert hurt

Robert Hurt: Bringing accountability to the IRS

Virginians remain troubled by the reports of IRS official’s misconduct, and the American people deserve accountability and answers.


Warner, Kaine call for emergency Zika funding

Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are calling for immediate passage of an emergency request for money related to the Zika Virus outbreak.

Bob Goodlatte: Answers, accountability and the Obama administration

Fair representation and accountability – that’s just the starting point for what the American people deserve from their government.

washington nationals nats

Nationals continue torrid start, beat Phils, 9-1

Bryce Harper hit his fifth homer, and Max Scherzer was his usual dominant self, giving the Washington Nationals a 9-1 win at Philadelphia on Saturday.

randy forbes

Randy Forbes: Sandcastles

Years ago, I was with my family at the beach sitting several yards back from the water.

mark warner

Warner: Garland deserves Senate vote

U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-Va.) met with U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland today.

washington nationals nats

Washington tops Miami, 4-2

A Jayson Werth single put Washington ahead, and a two-run Clint Robinson single broke the game open as the Nats defeated the Miami Marlins, 4-2, on Sunday.

randy forbes

Randy Forbes: A different world

It struck the heart of Christians in Lahore, Pakistan and reverberated across the world into the hearts of their fellow man.

washington nationals

Washington suffers first loss: Nats fall to Marlins, 6-4

Tanner Roark wasn’t effective in four innings around a rain delay, and Miami made Washington pay for it in a 6-4 win on Thursday.

bob mcdonnell

CREW files McDonnell amicus with Supreme Court

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics filed an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to uphold the conviction of former Gov. Bob McDonnell.

warner kaine

Warner, Kaine join amicus brief backing Obama Clean Power Plan

Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine joined in filing an amicus brief in support of the Obama administration’s historic Clean Power Plan.


Warner, Kaine urge action on national parks maintenance backlog

Sens. Mark R. Warner and Tim Kaine are urging congressional leaders to address the maintenance backlog facing the country’s national parks.


Warner, Kaine call for new tools to fight campus sexual assault

Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are calling for additional federal resources to investigate and enforce sexual assault laws on college and university campuses.


Open Borders Day 2016

Each year, March 16 marks an important date for those who cherish peace and harmony between human beings: Open Borders Day.