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Bill Bolling lecture part of JMU’s Democracy in Peril series

Since When Did Compromise Become a Bad Thing? That’s the title of an upcoming  lecture by former Virginia Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling as part of James Madison University’s Democracy in Peril speaker series at 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 15 in Madison Hall room 1001.

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McAuliffe announces commission to ensure integrity, confidence in state government

Governor Terry McAuliffe today signed Executive Order 28 establishing the Commission to Ensure Integrity and Public Confidence in State Government.


Virginia posts 0.8% revenue increase in December

Gov. Bob McDonnell announced Friday that December 2013 revenue collections for the Commonwealth of Virginia increased by 0.8 percent from December 2012.

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Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling urges reform of state ethics laws

In advance of the start of the 2014 General Assembly, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling today issued a letter to members of the Senate of Virginia and the Virginia House of Delegates, encouraging them to pass meaningful legislation to strengthen Virginia’s ethics laws this year.

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Chris Graham: Mark Warner and his 2014 Senate contenders

Is U.S. Sen. Mark Warner vulnerable in his upcoming 2014 re-election race? A poll commissioned by a conservative website suggests he may be. The Washington Free Beacon poll found that Warner would defeat a generic Republican candidate by just five points, 50 percent to 45 percent.

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Chris Graham: Where do Republicans go from here?

You’re in the moderate wing of the Republican Party. (You’re tired of being called a RINO.) You point to Ken Cuccinelli’s loss in the 2013 Virginia governor race and say, See, told ya so. Cuccinelli was too conservative to get elected in a state like Virginia.

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Shades of 2005: Mark Herring, Mark Obenshain headed toward recount

Depending on what time you went to bed on Election Night, either Republican Mark Obenshain or Democrat Mark Herring was the winner in the 2013 Virginia attorney general race. For most, it was Obenshain, who had the lead in the counting all night long. If you stayed up into the wee hours, it was Herring, who led by 616 votes in the counting as of 3 a.m.

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Winners/Losers: The 2013 Virginia elections

Winner: Terry McAuliffe This one is obvious. The Macker didn’t win by anywhere near the margin the final polls had indicated, but a win is a win is a win. Loser: Terry McAuliffe Also obvious. He wins by 10 points, he has a mandate. He wins by two, and he’s greeted by House Speaker Bill Howell trash-talking him.


Chris Graham: Did the GOP blow the Virginia election? Let me count the ways

Terry McAuliffe outspent his Republican gubernatorial opponent by more than $17 million, and won the election by two and a half points. So, yeah, this one was the Virginia GOP’s race to win. Don’t let them sell you now on the idea that they pulled off some miracle in just losing by 55,000 votes after being down by double digits in the polls last week.

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Bill Bolling: Republicans need to have conversation about ‘future’

Two-term Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, left on the outside looking in after Virginia Republicans decided to nominate firebrand Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to run for governor, said late Tuesday in the wake of Cuccinelli’s loss in the high-profile governor race that the state GOP needs to rethink its approach in the future.

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Virginia Mainstream Project releases government reform proposals

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling’s Virginia Mainstream Project today released a series of proposals that are designed to improve the structure and operation of Virginia’s state government.

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Virginia Mainstream Project recommends reforms to Virginia’s ethics laws

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling proposed on Monday a series of comprehensive reforms to Virginia’s ethics laws. These changes are designed to enhance Virginia’s ethics laws and begin the process of restoring the confidence of the people of Virginia in their state government.

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Bill Bolling’s Virginia Mainstream Project announces GOP primary picks

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling today announced the Virginia Mainstream Project’s support of candidates in several contested Republican primaries this month. Bolling recently created the VMP in part to focus on electing mainstream, conservative Republicans to public office.

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Poll: Mark Warner looks strong for Senate re-election

Mark Warner leads three potential top Republican challengers for his Senate seat by double-digit margins, according to a new poll.

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Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling announces formation of the Virginia Mainstream Project

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling today announced the formation of the Virginia Mainstream Project. The Virginia Mainstream Project is a state-based political action committee that will focus on electing mainstream Republicans to public office and promote responsible policy solutions to the most important challenges facing the Commonwealth.

Terry McAuliffe: Next governor must eliminate uncertainty on roads funding

Democratic Party gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe today reiterated his support for implementation of Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell’s bipartisan transportation compromise and urged Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the presumptive GOP nominee to run for governor, to promise to implement the legislation despite his personal opposition.

Poll: Ken Cuccinelli with small lead in governor’s race

Republican Ken Cuccinelli has a small lead over Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the first polling in the 2013 Virginia governor’s race done since Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling confirmed that he will not run as an independent.

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Bill Bolling nixes independent bid for governor

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling announced today that he will not mount an independent campaign for governor, citing financial, political and personal reasons for the decision.

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Analysis: Bolling will have to make decision on incomplete data

Another poll, this one from Quinnipiac, has Bill Bolling in the low teens in a possible three-way gubernatorial race with Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe.


State Senate passes voter-ID bill

A party-line vote in the State Senate on Friday passed HB 1337, which limits the forms of identification voters can use at the polls.

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Bolling casts tie-breaking vote on voter ID bill

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling cast the tie-breaking vote on Monday in support of a floor amendment to SB719 regarding voter identification requirements.

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Bolling backs proposed expansion of Virginia Medicaid program

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling issued a comprehensive letter to legislative leaders outlining his support for moving forward with the proposed expansion of Virginia’s Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act, subject to the ability of the Commonwealth to negotiate acceptable waivers from the federal government to effectively reform Medicaid.

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Will Bill Bolling run for governor as an independent?

At first glance, the numbers don’t seem to add up. Polling released earlier this month has Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling sitting in the mid-teens among Virginia voters in a hypothetical three-way race for governor if Bolling were to run as an independent against Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli, and mid-teens is nowhere near where you’d like to be in a three-way race, since at the least you’d need to be in the mid-30s to win a three-way.

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Chris Graham: Don’t see Bolling running for governor

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling seems to be suggesting in recent interviews that he’s giving serious consideration to mounting an independent run for governor in November. You’re hearing it here first. It’s not going to happen.

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Poll: McAuliffe leads Cuccinelli by five

The first Public Policy Polling survey of Virginia voters in calendar year 2013 has Democrat Terry McAuliffe leading Republican Ken Cuccinelli by five points in the state governor’s race. McAuliffe was at 46 percent in the poll to 41 percent for Cuccinelli. PPP also tested a three-way race that would feature Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling as an independent candidate. In that scenario, McAuliffe was at 40 percent to 32 percent for Cuccinelli and 15 percent for Bolling.


Bipartisan support to maintain Virginia uranium ban

Controversial efforts to lift Virginia’s 30-year ban on uranium mining have met with growing opposition in recent days as leading legislators, municipalities and utilities, and newspapers have taken stances in support of the ban.

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Bill Bolling: No to uranium mining

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling joined local legislators, officials and businessmen in Danville on Friday to announce his opposition to uranium mining and milling in Virginia:

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Chris Graham: Weak spots for McAuliffe, Cuccinelli

Both Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli have what they want … sorta, kinda. McAuliffe, the presumptive Democratic Party gubernatorial nominee, and Cuccinelli, the presumptive Republican nominee, have clear paths at the 2013 general election. The possibility that Bill Bolling, the sitting Republican lieutenant governor, will enter the race as an independent is still out there, but not likely.

David Reynolds: Bill Bolling and Charlie Brown

What is it about Republicans that they can’t stand a good political fight? Are they all of the established country club wing of the party who prefer the non-contact sports of golf and tennis to the rough and tumble of a good partisan fight? Are they all Charlie Brown’s up against a Lucy who keeps saying that she will not pull away the football?

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It’s official: Bill Bolling suspends gubernatorial candidacy

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling announced Wednesday that he has suspended his campaign for the Republican Party gubernatorial nomination, calling the move “the right decision” and clearing the way for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to get the party nod.