Winners and Losers: July 30, 2008

Compiled by Chris Graham

BEATING A DEAD HORSE: McCain campaign trots out military man to attack Obama on canceled troop visit

Seriously, this nonissue is starting to become an issue that has me wondering if the McCain people have their heads on straight.

It’s not enough that they went out and misstated the real story here. Now they’re enlisting the military to spin their untruths into questions that they want to raise about Barack Obama’s patriotism.

Unconscionable and rancid – the first two words that come to mind here.


TODAY’S HOT OR NOT: I’m trying to get into NASCAR

Really, I am. I can tell that I’m not NASCAR-proficient, though. I can watch a football game and tell you instantly what defense is being employed and how the offense should attack it, same as I can get into a baseball game and argue pitch sequencing with the pitcher and catcher and wonder why they don’t do it the way that I think they should.

But NASCAR, and soccer, I have to add, I’m watching pretty much like I’d take in a lecture on astrophysics. I’m trying to pick up on the nuances of strategy, but I know I’m not there when I tell myself in frustration that there can’t be any strategy, except in NASCAR to turn left and in soccer to kick the ball into the net.

To its credit, NASCAR has gotten the lion’s share of my new-sports attention, to a point where I’ve been threatening for the past few months to actually go to my first NASCAR race sometime soon.

Maybe I’m just being political, I dunno …

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