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AFP.com Life Blogs: Sunday, Feb. 14

– Dad’s Point of View: Marriage – it’s complicated – The Dinner Diva: More veggies – The FlyLady: Make it fun, and the family will help A Dad’s Point-of-View: Marriage – it’s complicated Column by Bruce Sallan www.brucesallan.com My wife took me to see Nancy Meyers’ new movie, “It’s Complicated,” which stars Meryl Streep, Alec […]

Cabin fever

   Column by Marla Cilley www.flylady.net This time of year, we all start getting cabin fever. This sickness is fueled by the neverending flow of our junk mail filled with gardening and seed catalogs. I am a sucker for them. The thought of a beautiful garden filled with fruit trees, butterfly attacking bushes and perennials […]

The Most Precious Gift

   Column by Marla Cilley www.flylady.net All of our lives we have spent putting out fires. These fires were started by our perfectionism and our procrastination. Along with panic of these fires come the squeals of martyrdom and yells of dissatisfaction. We have all done this, and it is our family who have had listen […]

Actions speak louder

   FlyLady column by Marla Cilley www.flylady.net Love is a word that is very deceptive, maybe even elusive, if we look at it as a noun. It is not something that we can buy and hold in our hands; it is a word that is filled with action. Love is a verb. This word is […]

Touching others with your life

   The FlyLady column by Marla Cilley www.flylady.net You never know how your life can touch the lives of others. When I got organized in 1999, it was because I didn’t want my fellow Transylvania County Commissioners to find out my dirty little secret that I could not keep house. This all started because I […]

The FlyLady | Plan your meals around soup day

Column by Marla Cilley When Robert and I married 13 years ago, my grandmother told him I was bossy! Oh, well, you have to be known for something. I guess this is what happens when you are the oldest. My Granny started telling me to be “saving.” She had lived through the Great Depression, World […]

The FlyLady | Save money, and lose the guilt

Column by Marla Cilley This month’s new habit is menu planning. Now, don’t go running to the closet to hide. This is quite simple when you take just a few minutes each week to do this. First I need to explain to you why menu planning is so important to us. You can’t eat what […]

The FlyLady | Grasshoppers and hares?

Column by Marla Cilley Are you stuck in “I don’t want to think about that now!” revolving door this holiday season? This is why “I can do that later” turns into the stress and panic of “what am I going to do now, I only have a couple of days!” Think about the fable of […]

The FlyLady | Favorite holiday words

Today I was asked by a magazine editor if I could give one tip for having a good holiday season, what would that be? The answer came so quick that I even surprised myself. Let go of your perfectionism! If I can talk you into letting go of your perfectionism, then you can cruise through […]

The FlyLady | Eggs all in one basket

I want you to think for just a minute about what you would do if you lost all your phone numbers in your phone; then add with that your schedule for the next year. This is what happened to many people last week who thought their information was safely stored on some server out there […]

The FlyLady | Holiday perfectionism sinks the ship

Before we know it, the holiday season will be upon us. In a few weeks will be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. We love to decorate, but most of the time we wear ourselves out doing it. Did you know that you don’t have to decorate your home in one single day? It […]

The FlyLady | Anger and perfectionism

When you finally have reached the absolute bottom, and you think there is no place to go, there are always two more places. You can give up entirely and be planted six feet under, or you can scream out for help and start pulling yourself up! You have a choice. The difference is you have […]

The FlyLady | Flu season is here again

The flu season is upon us! It happens every year! And every year people die from the flu at an alarming rate, but we can’t live in fear! Most of the time we ignore the notifications about flu shots being available at your corner drug store; my doctor told me a few months ago that […]

The FlyLady | Knock, knock! Your neighborhood is being evacuated!

Here it is that time of year again when we are faced with the threat of evacuation from our homes. We never know when we this could happen because of fire, tornadoes, storms, floods or hurricanes. It is up to us to be prepared! Don’t wait think this can’t happen to you. We have seen […]

The FlyLady | Time to dream

I found the Internet in 1996 when I was attending Brevard College. The very first thing I ever searched for on the Internet was help getting my home in order. I typed in the search box, “The Sidetracked Home Executives, Pam Young and Peggy Jones.” I was delighted to find them after several years of […]

The FlyLady | Five steps to make it easier

Music has a way of seeping into your brain and staying dormant for decades. This week I had another lyric come to me out of the depths of my subconscious, “O-o-oh, child, things are going to be easier”! Isn’t it strange how those simple words can give us such hope?

The FlyLady | Open up the drapes

Did you ever wake up to a dreary rainy day? The overcast skies coated your world with doom and gloom. We have the ability to let the sunshine in our lives; we just have to open the drapes! It is just that easy!

The FlyLady | Let it begin with me

For many years there has been discussions about how to improve health care for everyone. There are many questions and many people that are working very hard to find some answers. While the debate goes on we have to remember that FLYing (Finally Loving Yourself ) includes taking care of You! Keeping our own health […]

The FlyLady | Laundry scavenger hunt

Do you feel like you never get finished with the laundry? Is there evidence of the laundry process all over your home? Are there soured towels in the washing machine because you forgot about them? Do you have a dryer full of wrinkled clothes because you were on the phone when the buzzer went off? […]

The FlyLady | To eat only one or a dozen

Do you ever catch yourself having conversations with a voice inside your head? I don’t think you are crazy, because this can be a good thing if you will choose which voice to listen to.

The FlyLady | You can teach an old dog new tricks

Most of my life I have been very self-conscious of reading aloud. I automatically assumed that it was not blessed with that ability. In fact it was very painful for me and everyone who would have to listen to me. This past week I have been reading aloud the book that Leanne Ely and I […]

The FlyLady | Why is my house messy?

Do you want to why our homes get messy? This answer is going to change your life. Many years ago when I was first getting organized, I decided to have our big holiday celebration at our house. Having those words come out of my mouth scared me to death. I had been developing my habits […]

The FlyLady | Are you surrounded by UFOs?

UFOs are Untethered Flying Objects in your car! Yes, you know the ones I am talking about! Our cars are usually the last frontier when it comes to getting organized. When I was a small child I was hurt by bottle in our car. I still have the scar to show for it. Think of […]

The FlyLady | Give yourself a little slack!

There is a thought that keeps coming up today. I think the God Breezes are blowing. It is one of giving a little slack to those around us. I looked it up in the dictionary, and it means to be more relaxed, less tense. Wow! I think we all need a dose of slack. 

The FlyLady | Slow and steady wins the race

This past week I attended a year end achievement presentation for my grandson’s kindergarten class. I refuse to call it a graduation because that is reserved for high school and college. Kindergarten is just the beginning of his educational journey!

The FlyLady | Commonsense approach to germs

Everyone is hollering about the swine flu and a pandemic. Let’s get the facts straight before we start getting in a panic! In the United States between 5 and 20 people out of every 100 come down with the flu each year. Let’s do the math – 15 million-60 million actually get sick with the […]

The FlyLady | The nose knows

Many years ago I had a housekeeper come every couple of weeks. It would take me days to just get ready for her to come. The sad part was that I lived alone. There was no one to clean up after but myself. I had not learned the trick – that if you get it […]