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Dementia program set for next week

Mental Health America of Augusta presents a community in-service on Dementia-Knowledge Is Power to be presented by Dr. Adam T. Kaul.

Hearing loss and dementia: Are the two related?

Scientists have found that hearing loss dramatically raises your chances of contracting Alzheimer’s and dementia.

staunton augusta art center

Staunton Augusta Art Center offers art program for dementia patients and caregivers

The Staunton Augusta Art Center and the Alzheimer’s Association Arts Fusion program, are offering an inaugural, collaborative art program to persons diagnosed with early to moderate Alzheimer’s disease (or a related dementia) and their caregivers.

UVA memory experts receive grant to aid caregivers of dementia patients

A new study at the UVA Health System’s Memory and Aging Care Clinic (MACC) tests an intervention that aims to create better health and a more supportive environment for both dementia patients and their caregivers.