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The Rant | Give McDonnell a break

  Video Essay by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net

Daily Rant | Pay Low, Fly High

Should airline pilots be on food stamps? Skittish flyer Chris Graham doesn’t think so, but the low pay for pilots for some regional and national carriers has food stamps and second jobs among the realities of life for more in the ranks of pilots than we should be comfortable with. AFP Video. Length: 2:24.

Daily Rant | Jobs and Schools

Before you get too riled up about how badly our local schools are doing graduating our kids on time, keep it mind the role the economy plays in education. AFP editor Chris Graham explores the link between a stable economic base, the family unit and learning in today’s Daily Rant. AFP Video. Length: 1:27.

Daily Rant | Waterlogged

And we wonder why some people distrust government. AFP  editor Chris Graham recounts an experience this week with an apparently busted water heater that turned out to be a lot more. (The water trail ends up at City Hall.) AFP Video. Length: 2:20.

Daily Rant | In Losing, Creigh Gets One Thing

And that one thing – nonpartisan redistricting. A Republican governor and a Democratic-controlled State Senate (and possibly House of Delegates) means Creigh Deeds gets one of his campaign promises fulfilled in a way that perhaps would not happen were he to win. Irony, eh? AFP Video. Length: 3:20.

Daily Rant | You’ll Pay for This

It’s not a warning. Just a concession to reality, really. Newspapers and magazines can’t afford for too much longer to give away the content they produce for free. AFP editor Chris Graham breaks down the future of the media industry in today’s Daily Rant. AFP Video. Length: 1:52.

Daily Rant | Keep Stuttering, Creigh

BET cofounder Sheila Johnson raised issue with Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds’ propensity to stumble over words from time to time. AFP editor Chris Graham is among those who stumbles over his words from time to time. (He claims it’s his brain engaging faster than his mouth can keep up with.) Chris identifies with […]

Daily Rant | Have Your Say

We’re expecting a projected 40 to 45 percent turnout on Election Day. Another way of saying that is more than half of those eligible to vote aren’t likely to do so. With all that we are facing as a state, that’s … embarrassing. AFP editor Chris Graham implores viewers to have their say on Nov. […]

Daily Rant | What If …

As in, what if it hadn’t been the likable DuBose Egleston at the centerpiece of a criminal-justice firestorm in Waynesboro, but another politician who was perhaps more of a lightning rod politically? Would the news coverage be as generally positive as it has been of Egleston in recent days? AFP editor Chris Graham ponders the […]

Daily Rant | Grow Up, Waynesboro

The reaction on local news blogs to the news that a former Waynesboro City Council member is facing attempted-rape allegations has exposed something about the River City. Not only are people anonymously attacking the alleged perpetrator, but the accuser herself is fodder for the gristmill. AFP editor Chris Graham wonders aloud where we’ve come to […]

Daily Rant | Rules of Engagement

The engagement between the candidates at last night’s 25th District debate was solid. The extracurricular activity was … interesting. AFP editor Chris Graham muses on what we learned about the race in the 25th in today’s Daily Rant. Facebook Video. Length: 5:01.

Daily Rant | Debates

AFP editor Chris Graham remembers his days as a candidate for office as he prepares to cover tonight’s 25th District debate. His feeling on the value of such events – eh, he could take ’em or leave ’em. Facebook Video. Length: 3:57.

Daily Rant | Defund Them All

ACORN, the faith-based groups, all of them. Don’t use my money on social engineering. AFP editor Chris Graham is fired up. Facebook Video. Length: 2:02.

Daily Rant | The Battle Flag, and Heritage

Free speech is one thing. But what about what you’re saying? AFP editor Chris Graham explores the controversy over Confederate Battle Flags at Broadway High School, and Southern heritage. Facebook Video. Length: 4:05.

Daily Rant | The wages of our sin on transportation

It’s not going to come for free. A real transportation solution isn’t 19 pages, single-spaced, without a way to pay for it outside of robbing K-12 and higher education and public safety. AFP editor Chris Graham lays out the stakes in the transportation debate. Facebook Video. Length: 4:45.

Daily Rant | Polls

Why do they seem so volatile? It’s not that the electorate is necessarily that fickle. No, it’s in the way polls are conducted. AFP editor Chris Graham dusts off his academic background in political science to explain the shortcomings of modern-day polling. 

Daily Rant | Kanye and Bob

Who had the worst weekend? Kanye West put his music career at risk; Bob McDonnell put in jeopardy his 10-point lead in the Virginia governor’s race. AFP editor Chris Graham explores. Facebook Video. Length: 3:42.

Daily Rant-Bringing SexyBack to the Center

Because right now all the sexy in politics is on the fringes – which sells papers and magazines and draws the viewers and listeners to the latest train wreck. AFP editor Chris Graham wants to bring SexyBack to the Center. And he wants to do it in a red sweater vest. Facebook Video. Length: 4:36.

Daily Rant | Boo, Hiss

Congressional Republicans missed President Obama coming over to their side with significant concessions to the points they have raised on health-care reform. They were too busy booing and hissing and calling him a liar to recognize that. What has this country come to? AFP editor Chris Graham explores in today’s Daily Rant. Facebook Video. Length: […]

Daily Rant | Al Groh

What will happen to the embattled Virginia football coach? Nothing, that’s what AFP editor Chris Graham is hearing, and naturally he thinks this would make for an obvious hot topic for a Daily Rant. So much to rant about, so little space on Facebook Video. Length: 3:39.

Daily Rant | The Chamber and Stormwater

Another example of how rhetoric about taxes, fees and “failed government programs” stalls progress. That’s the focus of AFP editor Chris Graham’s Daily Rant. Key Point: The Greater Augusta Chamber of Commerce seems to want to shift the burden for paying for stormwater-system improvements in Staunton from big business to small business and residential taxpayers. […]

Daily Rant | Bob Goodlatte and Health Care

Today’s Daily Rant from AFP editor Chris Graham explores how Sixth District Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte talks out of both sides of his mouth on health-care reform. Key Point: “Another failed government program” is coming to Staunton next summer, and Goodlatte is all for it. Length: 4:13.

Daily Rant | Downtown Waynesboro

AFP editor Chris Graham muses on the direction – or lack thereof – that the revitalization effort in Downtown Waynesboro is taking, not taking, needs to take, and more. Facebook Video. Length: 3:30.