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You keep the money is the message of the Vogel campaign


Op-Ed by Gary Wingfield

Have you bought a car that costs more than your first house? If you answer “Yes,” chances are that your age is above 50. You probably have an employment record of at least 20-25 years.

During this time period, an economic boom occurred in the United States. As a result, Americans have larger homes, enjoy better health and are more educated than ever. Many economists believe these accomplishments are connected to tax cuts introduced by President Ronald Reagan and emulated three times by President George W. Bush.

State Senate candidate Jill Holtzman Vogel understands the economy is stimulated when citizens keep more of what they earn. She applauds the record of Del. Beverly Sherwood (currently running for re-election in the 29th District) who has served this region so successfully for 14 years. Like Del. Sherwood, Jill knows that Virginians already pay enough taxes.

She would join Del. Sherwood in opposing measures that would increase taxes on the people of Winchester and Frederick County. Jill commends Sherwood for her solid reputation as one of the most fiscally conservative members of our House of Delegates. Del. Sherwood needs someone in the Senate who supports her efforts. As your state senator, Jill would add her strong support to the efforts of Del. Sherwood. She will oppose tax increases, fight for lower taxes and insist on stopping wasteful government spending.

Real after-tax incomes have risen $2,900 per person since President Bush took office. Americans have experienced 49 months of a vibrant economy. Since 2001, productivity grew 2.8 percent a year – higher than the average for the last three decades.

Americans already give one-third of their income for taxes. Jill believes that you can spend your money better than the government. Like Del. Sherwood, she will deliver a conservative message for the people in the Valley. She understands the political process and where changes need to be made. She will use her training, vision and leadership to not only meet new challenges, but to revise procedures and practices that keep Virginians from meeting the needs of the citizens and being leaders in the 21st century.

Gary Wingfield resides in Winchester.



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