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The hubris of Karen Schultz


Op-Ed by Seth Thatcher

As of late, my mailbox has been filled with political mailings from state-senate candidates Democrat Karen Schultz and Republican Jill Vogel. As is her style, Jill Vogel is running a positive campaign based on important issues that face the 27th District. Jill Vogel stands up for protecting life, keeping taxes low, solving our illegal immigration issues in Virginia, keeping power lines out of our beautiful Valley, and strengthening our already high-quality education system.

On the other hand, Karen Schultz has set out to attack Jill Vogel, not on the issues, but by way of personal attacks against Jill’s family. Karen says Jill’s husband Alex runs a business that lobbies both for and against illegal immigration. Well, it’s no secret that Alex Vogel is a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. However, it is an outright lie that his business works both sides of the fence on the immigration issue. Alex, like his wife Jill, is a true conservative. It’s pure slander to say these things about him and libel to print them. But Karen Schultz knows that she can say this and get away with it because there is no policing agency or organization to correct the record and elevate the political discourse.

Still worse, Karen Schultz has sent out mailings to fool Republican voters. I have received a mailing from her suggesting that she will protect our gun rights if she is sent to Richmond. Imagine that, a liberal from the party of gun control saying she will defend gun rights. I wonder if her Democrat supporters know about that. It’s laughable if it wasn’t so devious. Also, I received a mailing saying how tough she will be on illegal immigration; meanwhile she has been saying at the candidate forums that she doesn’t think that the state of Virginia has jurisdiction over that issue. It’s always the same; Democrats have to conceal their true intentions to get elected.

Karen Schultz is running a very negative campaign filled with deception and misdirection. It’s a stunning display of hubris and should not be tolerated by the voters of the 27th District. Vote Jill Vogel for State Senate on Nov. 6.

Seth Thatcher is a resident of Frederick County and the former chairman of the Frederick County Republican Committee.



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