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Adult videos, Nelson sheriff’s deputy, democracy, embracery


Winners and Losers column by Chris Graham
[email protected]

WINNER: The guy who owns the adult video store in Staunton
He couldn’t ask for better pub for his fledgling enterprise. Seriously.

LOSER: Democracy
Looking at the Elections 2007 page … how many seats are going uncontested this year?
Just looking in Augusta County alone, we’re talking about three seats on the board of supervisors, all seven seats on the school board, all four constitutional offices, all three seats representing the county in the House of Delegates …
There are, what, 70,000 people in Augusta County? Surely we can find somebody out there who wants to do something that isn’t being done already.
Or maybe not.

PUSH: Nelson County sheriff’s deputy put on leave after endorsement
Not for nothing, but you think John Dixon might be rooting hard for Mac Bridgewater tonight?

LOSER: Prominent civil-rights attorney charged with embracery
Um, er … honestly, when I first saw what she was charged with, I assumed it had to have something to do with sex.
Turns out it was just an election eve dirty trick.
Zzzz …


Chris Graham is the executive editor of The Augusta Free Press.



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