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ACLU, NAACP team up on voter cards

Between now and Election Day, the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia and the Virginia State Conference of the NAACP will be distributing informational cards describing voters’ rights at the polls.

Available free in small or large numbers to civic groups, non-profit organizations, individuals and political campaigns (regardless of affiliation), the 2009 Virginia Voters’ Rights Card is pocket-sized for convenience and intended to help voters overcome obstacles they may encounter on Election Day. Last year, the ACLU of Virginia and the Virginia NAACP distributed 54,000 cards throughout the state prior to the presidential election.

The card answers the top 10 questions voters are likely to have at the polls:
– Do I need an ID to vote?
– If I’m in line when the polls close, can I still vote?
– Can I wear campaign apparel when voting?
– What should I do if I have moved since the ’08 election?
– What if I believe I am registered but a poll worker says I am not?

– What if someone challenges my eligibility to vote even though I am on the voter rolls?
– What should I do if I make a mistake on a paper ballot?
– What if I need instructions on how to use the voting equipment?
– What if I need help because of a physical disability or I have trouble reading?
– What if I cannot solve my problem using this card?

The card also offers advice on absentee voting, proper ways for identifying oneself at the polls, as well as contact information for voters who are seeking additional assistance.

Ordering Cards: Cards, available in both English and Spanish, may be ordered by calling 804.644.8080 or sending an email to Cards may be viewed online at

Election Day Hotline: The NAACP and the ACLU of Virginia will operate Election Day hotlines for individuals who need assistance on Election Day. The ACLU of Virginia hotline number is 804.644.8080. The NAACP hotline number is 804.321.5678.

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