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McDonnell invites public to provide input on future road, rail projects

Gov. Bob McDonnell today invited Virginia residents to attend the public meetings to be held across the state this fall so they can learn more about transportation projects funded in the current Six-Year Improvement Program.


McDonnell announces $168M in road projects approved for construction

Gov. Bob McDonnell announced that the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) awarded $168 million worth of transportation projects during its meeting held earlier today.


McDonnell releases roads list

Gov. Bob McDonnell’s comprehensive, long term transportation funding proposal, “Virginia’s Road to the Future,” would provide the Virginia Department of Transportation with approximately $1.28 billion in new state funding that could be used for 158 highway projects providing a significant investment in improving interstate pavement, secondary system bridges, mass-transit, unpaved roads and other high priority projects.


AAA: Best and worst in Virginia transportation in 2012

“One-and-done” is a phrase oft-used to describe the NBA’s controversial draft eligibility rule. Yet it also describes what happens to a team when it wins in the first round of the playoffs, only to lose in the second round. Most transportation projects can take “roughly 1 to 3 construction seasons from funded year to completion.” They aren’t “one and done” undertakings.

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AAA: 2.7M Virginians to travel for holidays

AAA projects that nearly 2.7 million Virginians will travel 50 miles or more from home for the 2012 year-end holiday season (Saturday, December 22 to Tuesday, January 1), a very slight statistical increase of just four tenths of a percentage point from last year, or essentially flat.


McDonnell addresses statewide transportation conference

On Wednesday at his annual transportation conference, Gov. Bob McDonnell discussed the bipartisan progress being made in addressing Virginia’s transportation challenges.


Petersen calls for CTB reform as key to roads fix

State Sen. Chap Petersen (D-Fairfax) called on his fellow senators and delegates to reform the Commonwealth Transportation Board membership allocation in the 2013 session.


Report: Public-Private Transportation Act needs overhaul

A new report from the Southern Environmental Law Center on Virginia’s Public-Private Transportation Act, under which billions of taxpayer dollars are being spent and decades of substantial tolls imposed, warns that the law lacks adequate safeguards to protect the public interest.


McDonnell releases PPTA pipeline

Gov. Bob McDonnell today announced the Office of Transportation Public-Private Partnerships’ (OTP3) “pipeline” of candidate projects

McDonnell touts transportation plan

An analysis of 10 highway projects funded by Gov. Bob McDonnell’s 2011 $4 billion transportation program shows they will provide nearly 3,700 direct jobs during their construction, $190.8 million in personal income, $14.8 million in state and local tax revenues and other benefits to Virginia. “The Virginia Department of Transportation advertised more than $2 billion […]

Governor releases transportation plan

Gov. Bob McDonnell announced on Friday details of his 2012 General Assembly session transportation plan, wihch he said will provide additional funding for maintaining Virginia’s infrastructure and will continue the administration’s efforts to ensure greater accountability and transparency in Virginia’s transportation entities while delivering transportation projects more quickly and cost effectively. “Last year, working across […]

McDonnell: More than $2B in road, bridge contracts advertised in 2011

Gov. Bob McDonnell announced on Wednesday that the Virginia Department of Transportation advertised more than $2 billion worth of construction and maintenance contracts during 2011. Contracts include repaving, bridge repairs and replacements, intersection and safety improvements and road widenings among several other transportation projects across the state. “I tasked VDOT to push projects out the […]

McDonnell outlines roads plan

Speaking to more than 700 hundred industry and transportation agency professionals during the 2011 Governor’s Transportation Conference in Norfolk, Gov. Bob McDonnell today outlined his transportation policy and funding plans for the upcoming 2012 General Assembly Session. The governor called for changes in laws governing the allocation of future surpluses to transportation, dedicating portions of […]

Administration pushes state roads projects through design-build

Gov. Bob McDonnell today announced that the Virginia Department of Transportation is using design-build procurement methods to accelerate the delivery of several projects made possible through the governor’s transportation funding package which was adopted by the 2011 General Assembly, and other federal dollars. The design-build procurement method streamlines project delivery by placing responsibility for the […]

Ken Plum: Our fair share

In the decade-long debate on funding transportation improvements, many simple solutions have been offered.  Endless demands for auditing the Department of Transportation resulted in about a dozen audits, none of which alleged waste, fraud, or abuse.  No new funds were identified.  One audit suggested that reserves on projects could be reduced, freeing up money to […]